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beautifulbutterfly said:
I'm on 5th day of ww and feeling positive but i'm missing chocolate loads I have a bad sweet tooth, to get me by i've been having ww victoria sponge cakes and the biscuits but can anyone recommend regular brand products that aren't too high in points :)

Asda meringue nest with chopped strawberries and 30g of ww thick cream. Yummy for just 2pp. Curly wurly and fudge are good for 3pp x

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Hi there, you probably will as you are totally new to WW. The people (like me!!) that are having the most trouble are the ones that changed from the old style ww... Good luck!!! really fancy a curly wurly now!! hehe!


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I know! I went to tesco but I could only find multipack 5 bars of curly wurlys and I couldn't buy them because I knew I'd eat them all in one sitting haha :(


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A favourite of mine is a small punnet of blueberries mixed with a Vanilla Mullerlight, it tastes like a very naughty pudding!!


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got this on a handout from my WW class this morning.

Cream Egg 5pp
Crunchie Standard 5pp
Chomp 3pp
Flake Standard 5pp
Twirl 2 Gingers 6pp

Custard Cream 1 2pp
Fig Roll 1 2pp
Jaffa Cake 1pp
Cream Cracker 1 1pp
Rich Tea 1pp
Rice Tea Cakes x 3 2pp
Pop Corn Microwave 25g 499
Tuc Biscuit 1 2pp


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Bagel 1 plain 50g 6pp
Bread Roll 50g white 4pp
Bun Burger 4pp
Brown Soda Bread 1 slice 2pp
Ryvita 1pp


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Hm, I love the WW snacks. :)
I've recently started buying these goAhead bars which I think satisfy both sweet and hunger. They are about 50 calories a slice which is 1 regular point, not sure about propoints though. :)
I'd give them a shot. They are about £1 from the CO-OP on offer, and have 15 slices per box.


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I love the ww lemon cakes, but found out if you buy the good for you lemon cakes in sainsburys they are £1 cheaper and the pro points are the same. xx