18 pounds to go - say it quick!


I have been on this site for many years, but fancied a fresh start with a new persona.
I had some great success with Exante last summer and achieved my goal, but then spent the next year putting it back on. I had a pretty stressful year with a new training course/job combination - loads of new people, difficult skills to master, assignments coming out of my ears etc etc. I turned to food, specifically sugar, most specifically maoams :)
Breaking up for summer so I'm only working 2 days a week at the moment meant I could jump back on Exante more easily. I didn't take a starting weight, as I tend to be discouraged by high weights on the scales, rather than motivated. However, for the last couple of weeks I have been feeling great, fitting into clothes, generally feeling good - so I decided to weigh today hoping for a number near my goal. It wasn't to be and I'm surprised how far I am from it.

As predicted, this has led to me feeling demotivated - which is stupid- I was feeling great yesterday - how can I have let a piece of glass and metal change my mood like this?!
Rather than hitting the Terrys Chocolate orange hard, I have decided to set up a minimins diary and instagram account to record my progress and make myself more accountable. I have also ordered a new set of scales in the hope that the old ones are just being cheap and rude (the lies we tell ourselves eh?).

I do manplan (is it now working solution?!). Three products a day and boiled eggs. I actually have 3 boiled eggs with some mayonnaise as it worked for me last year and I really enjoy it as my meal. Only have a week's worth of products left so have ordered another 2 weeks on top of that. I try to have my first product no earlier than midday, and that seems to make the rest of the day easier, although when I wake up at 6am like today it can be a long morning!

Going on holiday on Friday, to the Lake District, but I plan to stick to this as a couple of weeks after that we are going to Centre Parcs with my sister's family. My sister is built like a willow having a thin day and I REALLY don't want to feel tank like in the pool next to her. I've always been the chubby one in my family - bit fed up of it to be honest.

I'm going to try to workout everyday - I have a LES MILLS subscription (look it up, it's great!) so there are lots of different workouts for me to choose from, and I will also do kettlebells to build muscle.

It really helps that my husband is on a massive weight loss kick at the moment. He's low carbing and running and doing really well, so there's not lots of junk food in the house.

What else? I have 2 children, 10 and 6. A cat, 2 rabbits and an addiction to watching clothing hauls on Youtube. Wish me luck! :)
So I ate yesterday, not a binge by any means but my husband had made some gorgeous vegan tacos (using romaine lettuce as the shells) and I had to partake. Also in the cacoa dusted energy balls he made. Not low calorie but amazingly delicious and nutritious. I'm really really pleased though that this didn't lead to a binge for me. I just ate like a normal person and went to bed. This morning I have done a 30 min BODYSTEP workout and will have my first shake at noon, so straight back in the zone.
My new scales should arrive today (all singing all dancing with an app type ones) so will get those set up and do a reading tomorrow morning.

Also expecting a delivery of a new dress from Oasis. Got one in the sales in a size L (which is usually my size) but have ordered it again in the M to see if it fits better. One of them will be being returned, watch this space......
Have attached pics of the food my OH made, how could I resist?


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Welcome to minimins and good luck with your Exante journey.

Also that food looks amazing! Also very healthy, glad you enjoyed.


Welcome to minimins and good luck with your Exante journey.

Also that food looks amazing! Also very healthy, glad you enjoyed.

Thanks Dolly Rocker. Typical that I have been trying to low carb for years and my husband has partaken in mountains of junk food, and now I swear off realnfoodnfor the time being he goes super healthy on me! At least I'll have a partner in (healthy eating) crime when I come to try and maintain.
Daily, consistent action is key! Good luck 18togo!
Thanks, I agree. I want to try and get into daily weighing, which I know seems counter intuitive, but I just want to be curious as to numbers rather than what I did yesterday which was build up all my hopes on a number and despair when I didn't see it.

If I'm exercising daily, my weight will naturally fluctuate and I want to take the power out of the numbers. I don't know if that makes sense?
So today so far has been a mix of triumphs and disasters. Dress arrived, is a much better fit than the L (loose fit and stretchy material) and can consequently stay. Although, it was originally purchased when we having all the hot weather and it felt like it would be summer forever. Its definitely autumn here in Gloucestershire right now and I'm not sure how much daylight the dress will be seeing til next year. Another sale purchase has also been a success, really lovely emerald green shirt dress which will be fab in autumn. Currently fits everywhere except my bust, but I know with weight loss the girls will reduce so fingers crossed it will be OK by mid September time. So they are the triumphs. Pics attached (of the models in the dresses. The only way that this resembles me in the dress is that we both have a head and two arms)

The disaster comes with me again deciding to colour my hair as it was (to my mind) too bright yellowy blonde. When will I learn? Box promises golden honey dark blonde tresses, reality? Uneven Sludge brown with a hint of green. And a big stain on the carpet where it dripped. Fml. Oh well. I'll give it 24 hours to see if I can get used to it, and if not have another bash.


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Oh god, will it fade out? I'm clueless with stuff like that! Have never dyed my hair, going grey though so will need to start soon!

Dresses are lovely.

it might do, I'll give it a good scrub with head and shoulders tonight to see if I can lighten it up a bit. I just hate going to the hairdressers for this stuff. I have really thick hair and it always takes about 5 hours and costs ££££
So I caved and have chucked 2 boxes of a different blonde over my hair and it's looking a bit better. Think I'll leave it alone for a bit now in case it turns into orange straw.
Just having my second shake now. Have had eggs too today so will have final shake at about half 8. Scales have arrived and have downloaded app so have that fun to look forward to in morning. So much work I should be getting on with but I'm faffing and procrastinating like you wouldn't believe.
Feeling a bit low and achey today so stuck on a 30 minute LES MILLS dance workout. When I'm not in the mood for exercising or pushing myself a dance dvd can always cheer me up. Going to mooch around the forum for a bit now - anyone got any recommendations for some good diaries to read? (not slimming world ones - those ones are always full of food :) )
Ah cr*p!

I jumped on my scales this morning (as I do everyday) and I am up 1.5lbs from yesterday!?!?! Oh well got till Monday till I record my actual loss for the week so we will see what happens.

Oh I always try to avoid the SW ones, I have an Instagram account and the SW pages are a nightmare, I mean I can't wait till I can start eating like that!

Yes I know - Ironically, if and when I do do slimming world diet I lose all cravings for pasta and just want sausages! Easier to avoid food altogether at the moment.
Have had another couple of deliveries this morning - next 2 weeks from Exante. Just shakes and bars. I like the bars but try not to use them too much as they don't fill me up like the shakes and also give me wind! Useful to take to work though. Also more sale stuff from Oasis - lovely knitted dress, knitted tank top and grey shoulder bag. Full price would have added up to £101 and I got them for 22.40 including postage. They are size M and they fit really nicely and will be great for autumn. Need to stop buying clothes now, I'm sticking them all on credit and it will catch up with me! It's just when I'm not obsessing about food I find other addictions and clothes are always one of them. Just waiting to find out if our local village pool is open today and if so I will take my two and a couple of neighbours kids I'm babysitting swimming. Well, they can all go swimming, I will sit on the side with a book - not feeling the chlorine love today!
The scales are my friends this morning, showing a loss of 2.4lb.
The weather is not, and I had to put back my lovely summer outfit I chose last night and pull out a shirt, jeans and boots for work. Boo.
I don't normally have a problem sticking to the diet on my Wednesday work - there's no food lying around the workplace and I'm usually quite busy. There is a cafe round the corner that sells the best carrot cake in the world but I haven't been tempted for the last couple of weeks so hope to stay strong.

Have a shake and peanut butter bar with me today to last me til 5pm. I got this! 😁
18togo! Love your posts. I'm in the members diaries so you may have to have 50 posts b4 you can read about my weight loss. I've 9 or 10 stone to go.

I'm low carb and intermittent fasting. I'm loving keto and I get to eat eggs and mayo too! And meat. Suits me and hadn't felt hard.

I daily weigh and just had 10 days or so of up and down. Now I'm shifting on down again.

Looking forward to reading more. Will you join us in the Slimmer for Christmas thread? You'll be maintaining for Christmas by then!
Feeling a bit grrrr this morning. On a Wednesday I always work in a building with another woman - similar age to me. A couple of months ago she noticed I was having a shake for lunch and asked me about it. Turns out she's done lighter life in the past so she understands a bit about it. I didn't volunteer the information as I don't really like talking about my weight and diets as they're both so on and off and I think it's really boring to have someone bang on about what they are/aren't eating. Anyway, every day I see her now she's like "still on the shakes?" and then today she said "back on the shakes?" and I said " yeah" and she said "get on the scales and they were rude to you? Sounds like me!". Now I know it's just banter but I just find it annoying - I'm only a stone off goal weight and I don't need someone else commenting. Meh, maybe I'm just being sensitive.
Nope. She's not sensitive. It's boring and she should know better!
I was reading the slimmer for Christmas Thread -yes I think I will join! Maintaining has always been my problem. I just like cake so much! :)
I'm a real convert to xylitol for cakes. Erythitol gives us the runs by xylitol works well. I'm on keto and have a fab brownie recipe with butter, eggs, cocoa, a bit of almond flour and xylitol. I made a batch this week.

So I recommend finding a cake recipe with veg or black beans that tastes good so you can still have some of what you fancy!

We have to live at maintenance - and finding ways to have really enjoyable food and stay steady is essential.