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  1. Ribenaberry

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    Am currently doing the Cambridge Diet and have lost 2.5 stone over the past few months, however I now want to move to ww to try and lose the final stone as think it is a better way of introducing healthy eating etc.

    Has anyone else done this and how have they found the transition?

    I have done ww several times before but always fallen off the wagon eventually! However, I am a lot lower in weight than I have ever been and determined to keep it off this time round! I find ww is a really good way to stay on track.

    Any words of wisdom appreciated!!
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  3. Twiggy

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    Quite a few people have done the transition from VLCD to WW. I did Cambridge for a week before switching, so don't think I really count :D

    I think the main advice I've seen over the boards, is to re-introduce your carbs slowly, but I'm sure someone with more advice will be along soon!

    Good Luck, and I look forward to seeing how you get on! Oh - and Congrats on the weight loss so far !

  4. sortingoutmylife

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    I did CD and lost about the same as you, but then went on to WW. As Twiggy says, introduce carbs slowly, and you may possibly have a small gain the first week - don't let this put you off - you'll soon start losing, but be able to eat gorgeous normal food! Nothing like it! It'll also help you with your longer term eating habits, so all in all it should be win-win!

    good luck, let us know how you get on
  5. KD

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    I dunno. I think Cambridge has a fab way of introducing healthy eating...but I would wouldn't I :D
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  6. sortingoutmylife

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    Yeah it does - but you have to stick with it- which I couldn't! :eek: Bizarrely I could stick with the diet, but not the introducing food bit :D
  7. Less Rotund One

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    As others have said, take it slowly in terms of re-introducing certain foods and notice what your trigger foods for bingeing are - we all have them...mine, I discovered was caramel and chocolate combo (like a twix or something like that....led to diet meltdown!)

    Avoid the overly processed, starchy carbs as best you can and ones with little or no nutritional value (sugary stuff) as it eats your points and you don't feel very full.

    If you are going to a meeting then you will get a list of "filling foods" which are good ones to stick with for a few weeks anyway before re-introducing snacky type stuff.

    Well done on your 2.5 stones so far - and good luck for the last little bit. x
  8. ugg

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    Good luck with WW and congratulations on your fab weight loss x
  9. jennikay

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    Oooh, that was me - I switched from CD to WW because I got sick of maintaining 10st 4 :p I was on 1000, except it ended up being 1500ish by the time I added in everything else I ate :rolleyes:

    So I switched to WW, I lost 0.5 lbs in my first week and then I got ill and lost 7lbs in that week :rolleyes:

  10. sortingoutmylife

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    Weird isn't it!

    Well done on your losses! :)
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