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switching back to ww....i think!

Hi was doing ww then fell off the wagon, gained loads and decided to go back to doing sw which I lost alot of weight on a few years back. But am not getting on with it at all, 2 wks in I've only lost a pound and am bloated and tired. Need to make my mind up though as I am just gaining weight and getting really unhappy. Don't know what to do! Would like to do ww as feel it's healthier but I do find it hard to have to count everything I eat! Any advice or help welcome.

Thanks x
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I never got on with SW - the "free" food was just a licence to overeat!!! And trust me, I'm an overeater!! lol

I have found that i've got on really well with WW - i thought the whole counting foods etc would be a pain but i'm using the iphone app and its been my saviour - I just type in what I eat and it works it all out for me! I've cut out bread and pasta and am no longer bloated!

WW has really been great for me - I have tried every diet under the sun but this is the only one thats worked for me! 20lbs lost in 8 weeks!!!

Give it another go hun.... treat as your "last chance saloon" and I think you'll surprise yourself!


has to be done this year
sunshine yr story sounds like mine, just recently i was on the sw and just couldn't get on track with it. I did sw 4 years ago and lost 4 stones so I know it works, but this time round I couldn't stick to it, I find the free foods are too convincing and I end up eating food enough for 2 people and then feel more heavy and bloated which makes me feel sad. I then think if i am to lower my portion sizes, i mite as well do ww, at least that way i can have a sandwich on the grab... i fink ww is alot easier, welcome back:)


has to be done this year
by looking at yr goal weight, u really don't have a lot to loose, lucky u:) not like me who wants to loose 60 pounds:(
Pixar you can do it: I've lost 63 lbs in 10 months to get to goal, and have followed WW to the letter. I know you can do it. Just take it one week at time and one silver 7 at time :)


And to you, sunny-sunshine, welcome back to WW! Go on, you'll be back to goal in a second :)


has to be done this year
thanks for the support kagome75, do u think i could loss my 4 stones by December? I was planning to go away in Oct but doubt i will loss 4 stones by then, mite be pushing it...My target date is mid Nov to loose 4 stones but i'le be ok with December as Im planning to go away, i cant believe it the day when i get on the scales and see 9 stones, im gonna cy i swear:)


has to be done this year
sunshine your not far from your goal, how can I get there before u:)) I'm sure u can loose them extra few pounds in no time, I'm calling them few because they are few compared to mine:p
thanks for the support kagome75, do u think i could loss my 4 stones by December?
Don't put yourself high targets. When I joined on the 26th of July 2009 I wanted to get back to goal for my graduation in September of the following year, 12th of September 2010. in the end, I reached a lowered goal on the 20th of June 2010 and I maintained and lost some more also before my graduation. But probably if I had planned to lose weight by the 20th of June, I wouldn't have done it. It was the relaxing attitude and the experience I had already with WW that helped me. And the focus on what I was doing obviously. My target wasn't unreachable, I knew I could do it and I knew I had plenty of time to reach it, so I went straight to the target and achieved it. Give yourself a too tight deadline and if you miss it, you'll feel that you've blown it and you'll dump the diet!

Why don't you give yourself a target for June next year to be at goal? Then if it comes earlier it's a bonus, and it could well happen before Christmas!


has to be done this year
June seems so far away:cry: but i know what u mean kagome75, when u set a target u don't always reach it and that ruins everything, Ok ok im done with all this calculating months and stress, I'm just taking it as it comes, enough stress....I just hope when I get there to 9 st u guys are here still so I can laugh back at my inpatient behavior xxx thanks guys x


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I have just made the move from sw to ww and i'm finding it so much better! Not saying that sw isn't good cause i do like the diet but felt i did go over the normal portion sizes.

I'm on day 3 at the moment and the best thing i've done is track and check the values for everything..... i found i was picking up things that are low syn but not low pro points

Good luck

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