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Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by Mrscush, 29 June 2014.

  1. Mrscush

    Mrscush Woman on a mission!

    Does anyone know the syn values for a tub of weight watchers creme fraiche and also for the weight watchers thick cream? Both tubs are 200 g.
    Thank you x

    Creme fraiche nv's
    Energy (kcal) per 100g: 76 calories
    Protein per 100g: 5.1g
    Carbohydrate per 100g: 7.7g
    Fat per 100g: 2.7g of which saturates per 100g: 1.8g
    Fibre per 100g: <0.5g

    Thick cream nv's
    Typical Values per 100g
    Energy 140kcal
    Protein 2.5g
    Carbohydrate 6.7g
    Fat 11.5 of which saturates 7.6g
    Fibre 0.8g
    Sodium 0.04g
  2. llewis

    llewis Well-Known Member

    The crime fraiche is half a syn per tablespoon & the cream is 1syn per tablespoon.
  3. Mrscush

    Mrscush Woman on a mission!

    thank you - i will meausre out the tubs by the tablespoon to get the syns for the whole tub!

    thanks again x

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