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Extra Easy Syns (how many do you have)?

Hi I wondered if u could help me, I am doing extra easy and have been fine until putting weight on over Xmas and am still struggling to lose it. I was using on average 5 syns a day but didn't know if I was having enough.

Can u all tell me on average how many syns a day do u have?

Also I am unsure how u work out how many u should have a day, I really really need help


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Hi I usually have around 10 syns a day, some days slightly more and some less. ive only been back on plan for a few weeks. but i lost nearly five stone the other year having this many. however i do find that i loose it quicker on red and green days

Do u find that the more syns u have the less weight u lose?

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I thought of cutting my syns, but i need them lol at least 10 a day.

Also when my weight slows down i have something to cut back, advise i have taken from the girls here x
I thought of cutting my syns, but i need them lol at least 10 a day.

Also when my weight slows down i have something to cut back, advise i have taken from the girls here x
I've always been confused by this advice - mainly because there has always been completely opposing advice given out on these boards as well.

Quite often I see people saying that you need your syns - and that they've had greater losses when theyve upped their syns.

But then you get people (not sure if its the same people mind) saying that you should have all your syns so that you have something to cut back on when your weight loss slows down.

But both cant be right! Having more syns or having less syns cant both result in better losses!

I just stick to the 5-15 a day advice - I think Slimming World are deliberately vague in their advice and such a wide ranging number as they understand people will naturally have higher or lower syns days/weeks and it will all be there or there abouts in the end.

To the original poster - there is no "working out" how many you should have at all - somewhere in between 5-15 a day is what SW advise, so thats what you should do.
Having your syns generally results in better losses because you are less likely to fall off the wagon, binge, indulge, whatever.....

I'm a big believer in having your syns - I do reduce my syns when I want a fab week and I did when I was approaching target as I don't like to reduce my portion sizes too much.

Food for thought (and I say this alot!) 10 syns is only 200 calories, times that by seven days is 1400 calories which is not even enough to lose half a pound, so not really worth cutting out to be honest!
Thanks for all the replies, see how I get on when I get weighed Tom after upping my syns x

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It definitely needs to be personal choice. I started 4 months ago saying I would eat more syns daily but I rarely go over 5. But, I do have more syns on a Saturday by way of wine/handful of nuts that kind of thing so it balances out. I have yet to try eating 10 syns a day but I know that I would struggle to eat them. I use syns in food/mayo as I'm not a sweet person, don't drink fizzy juice or eat crisps so I do struggle xx
I'm having 15 a day, really feel I need them! And I thought I would start higher so I can cut down later on when weight loss slows.

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