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Syns in Shape Delights o%

Shape Delights 0% Yogurt, Strawberry, 100g Free Free Free
Shape Delights Dessert, all varieties, 110g pot 5½ 5½ 5½
Shape Delight Greek Style Fruit Yogurt, all varieties, 125g pot 3 3 3
Shape Delights 0% Yogurt, Apple Crumble, 120g pot ½ ½ ½
Shape Delights 0% Yogurt, Blackberry, 120g pot ½ ½ ½
Shape Delights 0% Yogurt, Cherry, 100g Free Free Free
Shape Delights 0% Yogurt, Mango, 120g pot ½ ½ ½
Shape Delights 0% Yogurt, Peach & Passionfruit, 120g pot ½ ½ ½
Shape Delights 0% Yogurt, Raspberry, 120g pot ½ ½ ½
Shape Delights 0% Yogurt, Rhubarb Crumble, 120g pot
½ ½ ½
Your welcome, I used to love them before they were synned. I grudge the 1/2 syn now lol
i use them as a dessert so 0.5 syn not to bad they are lush and some mullers are now higher then them
I think the crumbles are lovely, and although I don't always have these, I'll happily use 1/2 a syn on them
Not tried them yet. I have tried the WW dessert yogs and they are lush and free. Toffee apple crumble, strawberry cheesecake :D
Me too, pretty fake and also MINISCULE... :confused:
Funny how we are all different as i love these and I am completley indifferent to mullers especially the crumble ones :)
They make crumble ones? :confused:
That came out wrong. I love shape especially the crumble ones mmmmmmm rhubarb crumble. But i am indifferent to mullers find them watery and only buy them if there is nothing else.
Ah right, I got all excited then! :D :(

mmm weird, I hear a lot of people sy Mullers are too watery but I dont find the consistency any different to the others, its just the others dont taste of anything to me, or they taste artificial. I did have a knock on the head tho, my tongue is like nobody else's! :D And I only eat the cherry, strawberry or Vanilla/Coconut (which are pretty much the same)

The worst thing for me is the SIZE though, Im soooo not frickin interested in something that contains two measly teaspoons :sigh: If they started doing proper yoghurt the size of a small Total 0% I would be there in a ****. :rolleyes:

EDIT: ****!! :eek: Ha ha shot, natch :eek: :D
Although mostly these days i just have fromage frais or natural yogurt and add mmy own fruit, better and cheaper and you control the flavours :)
Yeah I do that but my favourite flavour in that situation is honey... :drool: so I dont do it too often... :whistle:

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