Syns in West Coast Cooler

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by BigBirdy, 19 April 2010.

  1. BigBirdy

    BigBirdy New Member

    Hi All

    I was wondering....does anyone know how many syns are in West Coast Cooler? I know from the latest magazine that Tesco Light White Wine is 5 syns per bottle and its 8% in strength...

  2. Circes

    Circes Strutting her stuff

    Sorry but I've no idea what this is but I'm assuming something alcoholic? If it has a calorie count on it then you could use 20 calories = 1 syn as a rough guide.
  3. lauryloo

    lauryloo Well-Known Member

    i think west coast cooler is just an NI thing, so its not in any of the books :(
  4. Pinklace

    Pinklace Well-Known Member

    did you ever find this out bigbirdy ?
  5. Chrissykelly16

    Chrissykelly16 New Member

    its 7 and a half syns per 250ml bottle
    151 kcal
    0 protein
    .5 Carbs
    0 fat

    hope this helps
  6. Eefs

    Eefs Member

    EEk I didn't think it would be as high as 7.5 syns...need to think of another drink for tonight then!
  7. Pinklace

    Pinklace Well-Known Member

    It is not bad considering what a bottle of wine is :)

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