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taste buds need retraining??

I've just started Slimming World and i'm loving having control over my diet with out feeling hungry.

How ever I used to cook everything in butter and/or oil (Mmmmm buttery scrambled Eggs). I've just cooked myself a meal of 2 fried eggs (cooked in Frylight), SW chips and mushrooms and tomatoes. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed it but something didn't taste quite right. I missed the taste of Olive Oil and I felt the chips were quite dry.

The other day I made a SW omelette again without cooking it in butter and adding a MOUNTAINFUL of cheese it wasn't the same.

Basically my head has got round to Slimming World but I feel my taste buds need a kick up the arse to get used to it.

Anybody else feel the same and do your taste buds eventually change :rolleyes:
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My taste buds havent changed :( unfortunatly. But i have found ways to make food taste like i used to cook it! The olive oil fry light is really good. And butter buds (from lakeland) make all the difference in scrambled egg and mashed potato!!
I buy kerry low low cheese as it has a really strong flavour, so you dont need much more than 28 grams (4 syns). I used to cook everything in oil, add butter, milk, cream and cheese to most dishes! Now i have found good substitutes i dont miss any of it xx
I found that at first, everything seemed to be lacking something, so I can sympathise with this! However, I've been doing this since January now, and I've found that I've since gotten used to it, or adjusted any recipes so that they taste better to me. Sometimes it's even worth synning a little to get it.

Hopefully you'll get used to it all! Good luck!
Try roasting pre boiled new potatoes instead of SW chips, I wasn't keen on SW chips at first but found the new potatoes to be lovely, and now I prefer SW chips to anything else.
I fry eggs normally at 0.5 syns each it's not too bad.

Try your spice cupboard too for extra flavour, add some Paprika to your omelette for a bit of zing/
Chinese five spice on your chips.
Try a sweet omelette with cinnamon and (defrosted) frozen berries.
If you aren't vegetarian grill some smoked bacon (the value stuff is fine as long as you remove the fat) until really really crispy, let it go cold and crumble, keep it in the fridge and add to your scrambled eggs, or omelettes or on top of your baked beans.
Think of new ways to 'step up' the flavour of foods you like.


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The buttery frylite is really tasty you can fry eggs etc in it but you can spray it on to cooked vegetables like corn on cob to give that taste, I do use butter buds as well.
I've made slimming world wedges recently - so much easier than chips
(no peeling or parboiling) and they're yummy!

Cut up your potatoes ... put them in a bag with some salt and pepper, 1/2tsp per person of paprika and a crumbled veg oxo cube ... mix it all together until the wedges are coated ... fry light a baking tray, put wedges on it and fry light the wedges ... 25 mins on gas mark six, turn and spray after 10 - 15 minutes.
Wow some great tips here. I guess I've just been relying on 'fats' to get taste from my food all these years (I'm also a bugger for salt too). I guess it's about time I got more creative in the kitchen.
I'm only in the middle of my first week of SW and I'm already thinking 'no wonder I'm a fattie' when I think about what I used to eat!!

Right... butter buds, herbs and spices have been added to my shopping list... def gonna try the wedges too, they sound lovely :drool:


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You could still use olive oil an butter! 1tbsp of olive oil is 6 syns and butter is 5.5 syns per 15g. If you're cooking for 4 thats only 1.5 syns per serving. I find that only a little bit of butter gives enough flavour and I don't mind spending the syns on it. I'd rather have yummy meals than a chocolate at the end of the day. Don't be afraid to use your butter and synning. Enjoy!
There are some very useful tips here, but I have found the opposite. I didn't find that any of the alternatives tasted right, so I have just coped with the taste as it is. This includes the switch to skimmed milk as I wanted cereal.

I have now began to find that I cant stand the taste of fried food anymore (the 'grease' taste it leaves), Semi-skimmed milk just now tastes gone off to me and if I take a sip of my other halfs coffee that has sugar (which I used to) I cant stand it!!!

I guess over time you can train your taste buds... depending if you want to go through the 'pain barrier' of doing it! x
I was the same then my OH taught me how the season. I now always ensure I salt (low sodium version) and pepper everyting and it makes a huge difference. Persist I promise you your taste buds will adjust! I still haven't swapped sugar for sweetener in my tea yet, can only cope with it in my coffee!
I was really worried about this, but I just went completely cold turkey on the oil, butter, cream etc and now I much prefer SW friendly versions! Today we went to my inlaws for a family BBQ and my MIL had made cous cous with chunks of roasted sweet potato in along with loads of other dishes. I took one bite of a piece of sweet potato and then realised she'd roasted them in olive oil and it actually tasted really greasy. A few months ago I would have cooked it exactly the same and loved it, but once I'd eaten that, and salad with an oily dressing, and new potatoes covered in butter etc I felt so sick! Needless to say my syns went out of the window today :'( what makes it worse is everything I ate would have been on plan for SW without all of the oil and butter etc! Unfortunately I didnt have much choice but to eat it so hope if I'm extra good for the rest of the week it won't show on the scales on Thursday.

When I switched to sweeteners in my tea and skimmed milk it was awful for a few days but now sugar doesnt taste right and semi skimmed milk tastes a bit odd. I've just switched back to semi skimmed though as I was finding it too hard to eat/drink all 6 of my Hexs (breastfeeding extras!) so cutting an extra 100ml of milk makes it a bit easier. Its good to know that when my Hexs go back to normal in a few weeks when I start weaning I can go back to skimmed easily though!

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