Teaching English as a Foreign Language courses


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I have not done that, but I start an open university course next month and omg the amount of work there is, is quite daunting.....I too feel a bit panicky.


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Hi SM, I have not done the CELTA course but I am currently studing C & G 7407 in Adult Literacy in the evenings. There is a lot of assignments and yes it is daunting, there's even an additional day for a class placement. I do worry about meeting the deadlines and preparing work for my class, but I do think that this keeps me on my toes.

The group I'm in are very supportive and I think that you will find that you are not the only one with concerns. If you have any concerns do talk to your tutor.

I want to teach, this subject area in addition to IT so I know that all the sacrifice I have to make to complete this course will be worth it.

Good luck on your teaching journey. A colleague, studied this course and he went of to China for two years to teach.


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Thanks Sonkie and Jemax for your replies. Good to know I am not the only nervous panicking mature student out there. I guess I will get used to studying again. I am quite looking forward to it though, hope I have a good group and nice approachable tutor! Good luck with your courses too!
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