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Team Fun Tech


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Yeah she does. We have quizzes and stuff! SHe'll split the room in two, and nominate a 'captain' and then ask questions using IMAGE therapy :)


Q: What is Team Fun Tech? I'm quite shy, it's not audience participation is it?
A: It's a way of having fun in Slimming World groups (and getting support, motivation and often learning more about food and healthy eating at the same time)! Usually the group is split into two teams with a little light-hearted competition based on weight loss and food ideas. You can just watch and enjoy the fun, or shout out your answers along with the rest - you certainly won't be put under the spotlight.
Team fun Tech is in its simplest form a way of getting food talk and a bit of competitiveness going between the 2 halves of the room. Points are given for each member, new members get extra so everyone is welcoming as they want the points (and are friendly anyway) each member whose brought something for sow, done body magic, bought a countdown, at target or got an award that week. Then points for weight losses as Image Therapy is done and for any good suggestions/help that is given and then finally for sow and month. The weight loss points come from each loss so they get added up at the end and if the team has lost say 14lbs they get 14000 points. The team with the most points wins. My consultant has a cup and we tie a ribbon on the handle in our colour, the aim being to use up all our ribbons first

Different consultants do it in different ways though so there will be lots of answers to this question i'm sure!
I dont see the point in it really. Our C gives 50points for every half a pound lost. I think every one tries their best to loose weight anyway, a few points doesnt make a difference. we have a big loud group where everyone helps eachother with recepies, tips etc, so maybe its good to encourage small groups?
by the end of the group everyone has forgot about the points and we normally go home without knowing which group has won.
suppose some groups might benefit from it, but our group doesnt need encouragement to talk! ;)


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Nor does ours, LornaGrace, but we could benefit from a little more guidence about the plans :)
Really hope this is introduced at our group, it sounds like a scream :D

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