Team Leaders please read


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Hi Irene,

There won't be any results from our team until the new year - people seem to have vanished/stopped diets so until we all get caught back up we will be MIA. Is that ok??

Sorry we have been a bit crap for the last couple of weeks (all been ill in my house to the point of putting a red cross on the door lol)


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There have been no suggestions for any changes to the challenge.

What I suggest is we start a new week (week 1) for the new year and continue to have a weekly winning team, biggest loser and wooden spoon team.

Has everyone got a full team? If not please advertise on the thread forgotten the name but it says something about team agency.

Could each team pm me their leader's name so I have an up to date list

I am putting the list up today for results on sunday so good luck everyone

Irene xx


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Hi Irene, thanx for continuing to administrate the CD challenge for us xx

I love the fact we've moved back to Week 1 again, although my team may not be putting in scores this week, I'm going to suggest to my team that today is Day 0 and we'll post our scores from next Thursday, either way Thank You :p


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Hi Irene, I'm taking over team 3 as team leader. Can I just it 6 in total per team (including me) or me and 6 other members?

Also, how do I pm you the results? I dont see a tag for private message anywhere? Also, what results do you need? Anything else I need to be doing as team leader?

Thanks, Kate


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6 altogether in a team

You need 50 posts to get the pm facility

Just post on the week results thread and I'll pick them up

If stuck just give the figures and I'll do your % but it is not hard

I need the team's % and the biggest loser's % and name also how many results you have

Irene xx


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hi irene,

my team (22) have some members only starting this week and some a week or so infront. With the info i will pm you later in the week can i include losses made by those who are not actually started CD but have lost weight through there own means?

thanks for all your help xxx