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temptation! stop with the chocolate!


Stupid Member
I know the feeling :(

I have been 'sampling' the choccies from the tin in the main office for the last month, and since Christmas, I've had two huge containers of Quality Street on my desk.

I cracked yesterday and opened one, just to take a couple of sweeties.

A dozen empty wrappers later and I've now given the remainder of the chocolate carnage to the rest of the staff :jelous:

Deadly :mad:
Speak firmly to yourself. You do not eat rubbish chocolate. You eat only the very best quality chocolate - something obscure from Belgium, perhaps, or Rococo, or Hotel Chocolat or Leonidas. Not the stuff that comes in a big tin, but the stuff which comes in a box with ribbons.

You don't eat Cadbury's anyway, because they tried to poison everyone with their Easter eggs a few years back.

And Quality Street is not what it was, it used to live up to its name but now it is just not worthy of a refined palate like yours.

Well, this is what I keep saying to myself anyway.

Does it work?

Oh, don't be silly!

But it's worth a try!!!
I feel your pain. I thought chocolate would be my downfall on SW as I love it. But I have been curbing though cravings with mugs of cocoa using my milk allowance and warmed up alpen lights have also been giving me the sweet hit I need.
My unexpected weakness is alcohol, especially now it's the weekend. I usually have a couple of drinks at home on a Friday night. Decided to let myself have them, 2 barcardis with diet coke will be 8 syns, will take me over for the day but as I do my syns weekly it's ok. Don't deny yourself, just syn them. That way you won't feel totally deprived and are more likely to stick with it.
well I'm back home but I had 1 green triangle!!!! Only 1!! I sucked it and savoured every last bit of it!! God it was gooooood!!!! Although, one less vodka for me tonight now!! oh well. It could have been worse, there could have been more!!

thanks for the support guys!!

Lesley x
Bless u x it's v hard to resist! At our work all the woman have bought in their spare chocs from home am sure to try n tempt the people in the office trying to diet! Honestly! Well I gave in n had 2 tiny chocs! But I did work off 300 calories in the gym so I felt I deserved a treat lol x
Best of luck with it Hun x

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