Wishing all a Happy New Year!


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Hello Everybody!

On the behalf of myself and Mini I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year 2017.

We hope that over the year of 2016, MiniMins was of use to you either by information, inspiration, social, community or something you just enjoyed reading.

If you had a successful dieting year, well done and keep it up! You are the inspiration for all of us who are still on our journeys.

If you, like me have found 2016 difficult and challenging to maintain or lose weight then the best thing I keep repeating to myself is the message given out by Slimming World at the start of 2016, Don't Beat Yourself Up!

Its just after Christmas where (well at least I do) put myself into a food coma with endless turkey, ham, potatoes, roses, quality street and awful repeat TV. (Thank God for Netflix and Amazon Prime). There is no point dwelling on it, hopefully it was time well spent with family and loved ones and that is important. Just stand up straight and start moving forward with a plan for 2017!

With the privilege of being able to look at the weight statistics that everybody puts into their stats(the ones on the left side under your avatar), I thought it would be interesting to see how you all updated your stats over the year. Members recorded almost 35,000 lb of weight lost! Here is the graph showing that progress:


That is 2,500 stone, or 250 people weighing 10 stone each... (For those who need to know how the graph was generated, the database is dumped nightly. The total weight of "Current" is added up daily, the total weight of "Start" is added up daily, the Current Weight is taken away from Start weight to reveal the daily losses, then the first day weight loss in the graph is taken away to start the graph off at 0lb, counting up to 35,000 lb of losses. I couldn't believe it either, so I checked twice...).

This is an incredible achievement by all of our members.

So it goes to show that it is possible to lose weight. If you are finding it difficult, which is perfectly ok because theres 1000's of diets and its not a one size fits all, maybe you need to consider doing something different. MiniMins has the more traditional sections like Slimming World, Weight Watchers, Atkins Diet, Calorie counting, but also has VLCDs (Very low calorie diets), which are Exante, Cambrigde Weight Plan, Lipotrim, Lighterlife, Slim & Save. And that is only a few! You have to check out the front page for all the diets on MiniMins (herbalife, juddd, 5:2, intermittent fasting, celebrity slim... voice fades into the distance) !

Don't forget to find inspiration elsewhere like YouTube where there is a plethora of weight loss vlogs, (raw) vegan vlogs, super market hauls, and instagram, particularly a thriving slimming world insta community. All of which can be embedded into posts on MiniMins. Or you can upload pictures directly to MiniMins, which 5000+ were uploaded taking up 6GB of space!

You can find recipes from our Slimming World Recipe section, or the Weight Watchers recipe section. It may not suite the diet your doing but it may help give you inspiriation.

Finally, many thanks for your support over the year.

Happy New Year 2017!!!! Onwards and Upwards (well downwards on the scales!)!