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That silly diet is making you ill....

Hi all,

Wondered if I could have some advice?

I started a new job in August that I absolutely love and am told am excelling in, but have had three bad respiratory infections since I started. Which looks just awful.

Tests showed my adrenals are stuffed, most likely due to bereavements and a lot of consistent stress over the past few years - one knock on effect is struggling with frequent infections. Obviously this is making a lousy impression at the new job.

Since starting the diet 3 wks ago I feel loads better...nutritionist thinks this is maybe because of relief on digestive system... and am now on lots of nutritional support to get my body right again.

However... I've already had two comments from colleagues when I rang in, saying ' you're ill because of that stupid diet and 'I've decided it's because you're not eating right' etc.

I had these sorts of comments before when I did CD and got quite a lot of grief from the other nurses at work. I'm loathe to go through the same thing again and just wondered if any wise souls knew the best way to deal with this??

Really dislike talking about my past or my diet/health etc with work colleagues but 3 bouts of sickness (albeit only 2 days each time) mean that my colleagues are understandably arsy and a bit too interested. I'm on a year's contract, which depending on finances could be extended. I really don't want to make things any worse since being ill by handling this badly.
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just explain to them about the tests and what propblems they showed with your adrenal glands , and the fact that a qualified nutritionalist thinks this diet is infact making you feel better :)
I am a nurse and some of my colleagues do think it is unhealthy but I am very well read on CD and its effects so I am able to give much better back :)
Really hope you start to feel better soon xx
I have also had this problem as I often have respiratory infections (I had pnemonia at 17 therefore have weak lungs and I am a smoker......yes I know).

It is difficult as eople are quick to blame CD as they don't know enough about it.

You could direct them to the website and the side effect, as far as I know nothing there about damage to your immune system.

I actually work in sickness absence management and deal with cases like this all the time. If you'd been referred to me I'd just be saying that you are taking all possible steps to promote your health and are under the care of appropriate relevant specialists. I'd then suggest that 6 months would be reasonable timeframe for health improvement to take place.

As nurses we often find ourselves giving out private medical information to colleagues that we would not give out if we were working in a non-health field. To your colleagues I would just say "it's nothing to do with the diet, i'm under the care of specialists including a nutritionalist" and leave it at that and repeat it as neccessary. It's not your colleagues that are going to be deciding about your contract and it's really none of their business. They just have the CD thing to latch on to and with some people you are never going to sway them from their opinions/judgements about CD. I know it's hard but try to stop yourself from feeling you have to justify yourself - you know you are doing the right thing and you'll feel better for it in the long run. It's much more likely you are picking up the infections because you are in a new work environment and are picking up the bugs that they are bringing in from their kids! It's a very common scenario.

Take care
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Ah hunni dont u dare worry!

Everyone has gave wonderful replies so I will just say carry on your doing great and to all those interfearing ones... I hope they choke on the next donut!!


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