The 2022 Comeback Special!


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Hi Everyone!

Just thought I would drop in and say hey after a few years of looking around but never really posting.

I've had so many false starts over the past few years weight loss wise and I'm hoping that 2022 will be the year I finally, FINALLY get back down to my goal weight.

I'm calling my new regime the 2022 Comeback Special, and although the 2018—2021 Comeback Specials didn't go according to plan, I'm not letting that put me off 😂

I'm using the next couple of weeks to prepare myself for battle. I've found some of my old weight watchers points lists and things, but they're a bit ratty so I've ordered a new notebook to transfer them all to; I have a new journal ready to go and my exercise bike is assembled and ready for action. I even bought myself a couple of tins of slim fast to start the new year off with a bang.

Is anyone else planning their own Comeback Special in the new year? Hopefully we'll all be able to give each other a bit of encouragement.

Best of luck my fellow minimins-ers. Apologies for this rambling post!

Jenna x
Welcome Jenna to minimins, good luck with your weight loss journey and reaching your goals along the way. I follow slimming world. I lost 8 stone then fell off the wagon by time as I gained it all back then some. This time round I want to try and not fall into the pitfalls I did first time. I got into the mentality of just convincing myself one wont matter. It then spiralled out of control. I am now 14 month only on my reset and have nearly lost 6 stone. Now that I am menopausal the weight doesn't drop off so easily. I cant exercise most of the time as I have Multiple health issues. So exercise is when my body allows.
Welcome to posting @jentypoo It helps - as it's a sort of commitent. I've had a range of comeback specials - but this time, it seems to have stuck, Not sure why. Though maybe it's eating low carb is just easier. I like the food (meat veg, some dairy, occasional choc and berries) so don't feel deprived.

We've got a Team 50 Christmas 2022 challenge - to lose 50lbs. So do join us there in 2022.
Hi Jenty, welcome in. Keep posting and chatting, the support here is great.