2023/2024 Get to slinky again - Carnivore stylee


Eating meat
I'm back. I reversed most of my 2021 loss in 2022. Not sure why I fell off the wagon. I'm not sure how high I got as I half started a new regime and didn't weight mysalf. This past week, I've eaten very well - mainly carnivore with some dairy, two meals a day. I'm 4lbs down last week. I don't know what my starting weight in January as I was playing around without scales. I do know my size 26 jeans are getting very baggy, and almost falling down - when I filled them at the start of the month. I'm now being inetntional - mainly carnivore keto. So higer fat & protein, very low carb, mostly meat, fish and eggs with some dairy.

I'm going to start a Team 40 thread - as I aim to shed at least 40lbs by Xmas. Anyone care to join me?

Start weight 305.8 27.1.23 I 301.8lbs 21st7.8lbs I target weight 188lbs I target loss 118bs I
Target waist >33 inches

Month One: week one 4lbs down.
OK I’m seriously motivated now that someone I used to follow is back - I’ve joined the challenge and am going to get my head down to take care of myself and reduce my weight to make my life easier.
Hello Hailey,
im doing the challenge too.
there are not that many of us active on here, but that is ok.

i Know that challenges help me
Hi @Kittywinks

That’s great, I look forward to seeing your journey. I follow the old weight watchers smart points plan as I can’t handle Slimming World’s free foods. I’ve been counting points religiously since 2013 and have managed to keep off about 5 stone but it just keeps trying to creep up all the time 😌
Hello Hailey

I have done weight watchers and they were my go to diet club, however I couldn’t find one near where I was living as Im reliant on buses, so I’m doing
Slimming world.which I can walk to.
It wasn’t my first choice but seems to be working
I understand what you mean about the free food
It takes a lot of getting used to.
I’m still not there.

Anyway it does seem to be working.
I am losing weight albeit slowly.
I think the weight loss always feels slower than we would like.

I have lost a stone
I don’t have a signature yet as I have to do 50 posts
That’s quite a few posts before I get a weight signature
I will post my weight etc then
Hi Ali, great to catch up. I'm back too, no idea what happened in 2022, the year just was strange. I'm back with a bang on full on keto.

So I disappeared again and put on nearly 10lbs between March and late August and up into size 26s.

So back again.

I'm now eating carnivore. Lamb, beef, eggs, bacon, and a little cheese and dairy as a condiment.

It's suiting me well. I've shed 25lbs in 46 days, despite a few missteps (maybe 3 times my old shopping habits at the supermarket returned). Most of the time I feel happy and satisfied.

7 weeks to the end of the year.

Maybe I can shed another stone by then. I can certainly get into the teens - just over 9lbs will get . I'd like to start 2024 under 20 stone. It would be a start on getting to slinky so I'm using this thread to track the rest of the year.
Down over another lb over night - 288.2lbs. I'm daily weighing now.
Updated 13/11 287.2lbs 27.4lbs down 8.6 %

I used to have a bowel movement daily. Without the fibre of veggies, wheat and beans, my bowels move once every 2 or 3 days - so that can make a difference to my daily scales!

Today, I broke fast with an omlette with a little cheddar and a second meal of roast lamb shoulder, and a red pepper roasted with anchovies. I'm rarely eating veggies - but do so occassionally.
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Today I am 2 stone down, at 286.6lbs in 80 days carnivore -
11 weeks and 3 days or
21.92% of 2023. I wonder what I can achieve in the 47 days, 6 weeks and 5 days or
12.88% left of 2023. At least I hope to be into the teens.

Yesterday I broke my fast mid morning with a 3 egg omelet, and then ate early evening 4 strips of bacon, some lamb and cream. 2 good filling meals.

Today I broke my fast with a 3 egg omlet. Early afternoon 2 eggs mayo. A small snack of cheese en route to a mtg at 6.45pm, then afterwards bacon and an egg. So lots of eggs today.

I wore some linen trousers to the mtg as my jeans are tatty and baggy. A few weeks ago they would have been hard to do up. Now they are a perfect fit. Both jeans and linen trews are size 26 but they must be very different measurements.

I am missing the signature and the weight tracker in the left hand column. Have they gone forever?
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Today I have ticked up - 287.4lbs. No drama. Broke my fast with a three egg omlet. More later.
Daily weighing - but sometimes tick up or down a lb or two. Gently shedding weight. 28.4lbs down to 286.2lbs / 20 stone 6.2lbs in 93 days

Not sure I'll make it to 40lbs down before the year end as that would need 11.6lbs in 4 weeks. At least, I should get into the teens for 2024 with another half stone off.
Just a 1.2lbs lost in the past two weeks. That's amazing as I've had several deviations involving sweet things. Lots of sweet things. I don't count anything - just most of the time eat carnivore. I can't do a little sweet stuff - I really find it compelling. Is that the definition of a compulsion, an addiction?

I heard a podcast the other day of an English GP who lives in Australia. He was the same. Some years on, he can now eat sweet things without it turning into a binge.

The rest of the time I've been on track - eating lamb, beef, fish, eggs, bacon and a little cheese and dairy as a condiment, usually twice a day. I never make keto or low carb puddings.
One pound down in the past 6days, with one day off plan. I must not have things that compel me in the house, or at least downstairs. Mr Aligal and have biscuits and chocolate in his room and I know I won't go and raid them there! It's not cheese for me - but sweet things. I am told long term carnivore may cure me of that compulsion.

I miss the tracker on the left under our names.

284.0lbs 18/12/2023 - 30.6lbs/13.9lb down in16 weeks and 2 days carnivore.
A magical drop over night of 2.8lbs It's funny as I could feel my trews were even looser at the waist so I was a bit disappointed with yesterday's weigh in. It was ticking down - so I wasn't upset. More bemused.

On carnivore, I don't poo every morning like I used to. I do poo most days, but not always. However I'm sure I didn't pass nearly 3lbs of faeces this am. So I put it down to the mysteries of daily weighing and a whoosh.

So today 280.4lbs 20 stone 0.4lbs 22/12/23 - 34.2lbs/2st 6.2lbs/15.5kg down in 16 weeks and 6 days. Nearly 2 1/2 stone since 26 August.

My target weight is 189lbs - 13 stone 7lbs in 2024. That's a lot higher than the ideal weight on the charts of 140lbs (or lower) to 154lbs. However I am older, have been fat my adult life and have lipedema aka painful fat disease in my legs. That fat doesn't respond to dieting.

So 34lbs down and just over 91lbs to go. I'm going to stick with that as my goal. Maybe a target of 50lbs for 2024 and 2025 target size 14/16 & waist >33 inches. I'm around size 24 now, and 44 inch waist.
@AliGal well done on getting back to it and you’ve had an amazing loss so far x
I went off plan over Xmas so start the new year at 288lbs - and ticked down a lb over night - so 287lbs today.
Daily weighing (mostly).
286lbs 5 Jan.
284.6.lbs 6 Jan.
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I've taken off the 4.8lbs I put on over 10 days at Xmas days. I started 2024 at 288lbs on New Year's Day.

Today I am at 282.6lbs 20 stone 2.6lbs - just lower than before Christmas. That's
32lbs - 2 stone 4lbs down in 19 weeks.

My target weight 189lbs - 13 stone 7lbs in 2024 - total target loss 125.6lbs I size 26 to target size 14/16 & waist >33 inches. So 93.6lbs more. I'll target 50lbs in 2024.