The devil on my shoulder


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I am on my 3rd week and have lost 13 lbs in the first two. i am delighted. I am totally focused on LL and 100% commited to staying on track.

I really struggled this weekend. Now, I know I am not going to give in and eat but why oh why do i feel tormented by the little devil on my shoulder , the voice in my ear saying oh how nice it would be to have this or that (purposely not saying what it is I am craving) . I know i really miss the social aspects of eating and drinking and I know that weekends just don't feel like weekends when you are not going out etc. But i really wish I could switch off these tormented thoughts. They are constant. Any thoughts or suggestions greatly appreciated.

D x :wave_cry:
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The devil sits on my shoulder on a permanent basis lol I just try and ignore it or go and have a food pack and then the "urge" for something to eat usually goes away. In the evenings i am worse, so find distraction techniques like going to have a bath or walk the dogs usually works.


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Hi Drama I have now completed week 3 and have to admit for the 1st time i gave into that devil, all i can tell you was it was not worth it AT ALL, i only had someting small but my weight has been the same for 5 days now. I agree with the above distraction is a great way to take your mind off things.


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I don't know how much you had to lose, but I had to shed loads.
The way I dealt with it was not to put my social life on hold. In fact I went out more and generally did more stuff because as I lost weight I gained more confidence and energy.
I dtill went to parties, dinners, pubs, met friends etc. Just has my packs before or after and drank coffee or water when I was out. People still got used to it and stopped commenting and I didn't feel left out and sorry for myself.
Hope that helps x


I will do this!
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I agree with SB - I have enjoyed every social situation that I have been invited to. It's made this journey easier for me personally. I also made a commitment to myself that I would commit to this process, 100% and that's what I have done. Hope that helps


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Thank you all for taking the time to help me. I am 100% commited to LL, that's why I don't understand why I am tormenting myself.

Have a long..... way to go and will just have to get on with it. Lots of bubble baths!



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i know how u feel its really weird , i am not hungry but i just want something to 'eat ' lol