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The God Delusion - Richard Dawkins


The Minis Bad Boy
I am agnostic and proud. I have no problem in explaining to people the differences between religous, atheist and agnostic.

I have for fun read a number of religous reads including the holy books of Islam and the Bible. But yet I never picked up the God Delusion the other day.

If you were to go into it with an open mind and read both the bible and the god delusion. You can't help but side with the Atheists.

Its well worth a read.....
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You say you can't help but side with the atheists... But you have to be fairly religion-free to say that. If you were, say, a Catholic through and through, I suspect you'd side with the Bible ;)


The Minis Bad Boy
You are right that yes I am religion free now. But I was not in my younger years. I can see the arguement from both sides which is why i have chosen my current stance.

All Ill say is read the book and make your own opinions but unfortunately humans often make their decisions on things like this before theyve even picked up the book.


The Minis Bad Boy
TO be honest mate its best if you read it with an open mind. Its a great read, but half of it must be done tanked on whiskey to approve of the theorum.


SlinkySlimmer !!!
i ve got the book, although i am a christian i can read it with an open mind, im a pretty free going christian, it sounds bad and it also sounds like i am a bible basher but im not, i just dont see the need for the rules and regulations to believe in god,

anyways i will get round to reading the book eventually !!!

lizzie xxx

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