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The oats are DISGUSTING! :(


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I got my oats yesterday and was so looking forward to them but they are soooooooo awful tasting I cant even get a spoonful down :( FYI these are the American version Food For Life oats.
Any idea on how i can seriously kill the awful taste??
i just bought two big containers. Big mistake :(
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Maybe a touch of cinnamon? I'm not fond of the apple and cinnamon one we get in the UK, the apple bits are rubbery and foul so I stick to the plain porridge and put some spices in. Hope it helps


a sweetner tablet and a teaspoon of another shake added in as flavouring, that way when you have the rest of the shake later on its just minus a teaspoon?


supposed to be working!
thats not a bad idea: a tspn of the shakes! its really disapointing as it is the one substantial product i was looking forward to. tonite ill taste the potato soup... eeks!
i agree, i had apple/cinnamon this morning, couldnt eat it, even the dog wouldnt eat it!!!!
i agree, i had apple/cinnamon this morning, couldnt eat it, even the dog wouldnt eat it!!!!
always a sign if the dog wont touch it!! my dog wouldnt touch the bars onLT and i coulnt blame her one bit!!


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I couldn't stomach the porridge either. I physically couldn't convince myself to swallow it - it made me gag and heave! Nothing I did made it any better. I've decided to stick to the shakes and bars now - gone off the soup too!
:DI LOVE the porridge, :gimi:I have 1 at 8am and one at 8pm,

I hate the soups YUK YUK YUK:jelous:
each to their own xxx


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Hate hate hate HAAATTTTTEEEEE the porridge too.


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I actually enjoyed my porridge this morning (plain one) and I think it is because I blended it!!! ha ha - it is not nice without blending it! lol!!

I also love the mushroom soup, banana and capp shakes!!


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oh I am working myself up to try the apple and cin porridge again - this was my first intro into the diet and I did gag! But maybe it will be better with blending! ha ha! I am a bit of a plonker sometimes!


supposed to be working!
I wish I got the uk packs!
I love the porridge :) I don't blend it either-I like the little lumpy bits to chew on LOL.I add sweetener and sometimes a sprinkle of cinnamon..yummmmmm
Why dont you try some cinnamon and nutmeg with it.

I think you have all talked me out of trying the porridge now haha

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