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The OH wants to know......


I will do this!!!


Is Irrepressible!! : )
You will lose quite a bit I'm afraid. You need to think of the size you were before you put on weight.

Starting size was a 38DD, when I get to the weight I want to be (which was when I first met OH) I was a 34B. I should tell him not to worry too much though as I'm sure your bust will be in proportion to the rest of you!

Also don't forget that it may be just the back size that will alter- you may be blessed to keep much of your cup size :D
You can lose a lot but also have seen people shrink all over apart from that area so not all hope is lost :)


I will do this!!!
Well im a 34DD but iv always been big :) i think your right medea when i lose the weight ill be in proportion so it wont be that much of a problem, plus ill be happier than iv been in years and i think he'd rather that than big boobs (i hope) :)

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I'd better lose 'em!! :mad:


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I'm loosing mine :)

rainbow brite

S: 15st1lb C: 12st6.6lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 30 Loss: 2st8.4lb(17.25%)
I'll send you mine in the post? hehe (sounds a bit messy though...)
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Mine were huge!!!! Now they are smaller but strangely I'm not in a smaller bra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I probably should go down a bra size but when I last tried the same cup in the next size down they kinda overflowed a bit! I really should try again!

You should lose all over. My little sis (and she was very little up top!) maintains her boobs have grown thanks to her body pump class as it has toned up her muscles there making them look much healthier!

I like the size of my boobs now, they're only a C cup but then I'm only little! Unfortunately when I was skinny they were an A cup :(
Hi it would prob depend on what your boobs were like when you were nearer to the weight you are aiming for now. I've lost bout 3.5 stone with 4.5 still to go and I'm in smaller bras cos lost a lot off my back, but my cup size isn't any smaller yet, but from a distant memory of my slim days I was never particularly small up top.

I'm with the it will be in proportion camp so I wouldn't worry I'm sure other half won't be complaining x


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My boobs are definately shrinking at an extremely fast pace!! My husband did mention he would pay for implants but i would rather he paid for liposuction!!


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well im only on week 2 and the weight is dropping off (almost daily ppl are telling me) from everywhere else but my DD's are still there :p


I will do this!!!
Well mine were pretty big before i piled on the weight so i think ill just see how it goes...id rather lose all this weight and have smaller boobs than be fat with big boobs!!!! at least if im thin i can buy lovely underware and fit into it!
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You may be lucky - before I gained all my weight I was a size10/34A, now I'm nearly at target I'm a 12 but my boobs are a 34E!!!!! My back size ha been shrinking but my cup size going up!!!! My OH v. happy and surprised!!!!

Fingers crossed!!

Carol x


I will do this!!!
oooh i hope im like you!!


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Awww I hope I don't lose weight off my boobs, being overweight they should be massive but there normal size..I don't want them to get any smaller :(


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i am hoping i dont lose too much off boobs.

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