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The start of the rest of my life

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Diaries' started by hepdelala, 15 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. hepdelala

    hepdelala Member

    I have just started on my starter pack this morning, had 1/2 pint of water and then banoffi porridge which was actually ok, another water before taking my little one for her dance class.

    I need to do this now, have tried other diets including exante (which I found disgusting) so hopefully this will now work.

    Breakfast done and yeah was nice. :D
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  3. NewDawn

    NewDawn Bring on the trumpets

    I am day 7 now (WI tomorrow) and I survived Friday night munchies and wine.................you can do this good luck xxx
  4. hepdelala

    hepdelala Member

    good luck for WI tmrw

    Ok nearly 2 pints of water down (never had this much water in my life before). Having lunch, spicy spaghetti with 3 small pieces of broccoli and its lovely. Am so shocked of having to endure the exante diet which I had to hold my nose and chug it down. Am trying as many of the meals as I can so I can get an order in next week. Will definatly be ordering more of the spaghetti.
  5. hepdelala

    hepdelala Member

    Mushroom pasta, hmmm not sure about that one. Also had a bit of the lemon bar, again not too sure. Got a whacking headache tonight, not sure if its with this or arguing with the builder!!!
  6. hepdelala

    hepdelala Member

    2 paracetamols and a glass of water for supper I think - day 1 complete
  7. hepdelala

    hepdelala Member

    Day 2

    Feeling awful this morning, feels like am coming down with a really nasty cold. Having a chocolate shake for breakfast, just needed something sweet.

    Still very determined tho, 67 weeks till I go off on holiday. I want to be feeling so much better in my own body by then. I have some shorts upstairs that I was wearing 3 years ago that I would love to fit back into. My little girl is being really supportive, telling me how much fun we can have which is all the motivation I need.

    Apart from taking the woof out for a walk I think today will be all about cuddling on the couch watching Disney films
  8. hepdelala

    hepdelala Member

    Day 2 complete

    Had chocolate shake, was lovely, for lunch I tried the spag bol, I managed to eat it but I wont be re-ordering it. I later tried to make burgers with the cottage pie, the plan was have it with some herbs wrapped in lettuce, I managed half then binned the rest. This evening I made and binned both the curry and the chilli, was finally saved by the mint choc shake.

    Goal 1 done, managed to last the weekend

    next goal is getting though work next week whilst they all eating takeaways and everything else. I have put my order in for next week so hopefully will have it by tues.

    The main surprise in all this is how good I feel tonight, am not hungry in the slightest.
  9. floss

    floss Full Member

    Keep going you're doing awesome :)
  10. hepdelala

    hepdelala Member

    Yay day 4, managed 3 just about, nearly lost it last night but managed to hang on. Starting the day with vanilla shake, not too sure about this one but not totally vile.

    My ikkle one has a stinking cold which I think she has managed to pass onto me, caring and sharing huh!. Oh well off to work I go, have fun everyone x
  11. hepdelala

    hepdelala Member

    sneaky little weigh in

    8lb down on day 5

  12. hepdelala

    hepdelala Member

    OMG 11lb off in first week!!!!!
  13. Ellem

    Ellem Full Member

    Ooh well done on your first week weigh in, that is a fab result!!
  14. NewDawn

    NewDawn Bring on the trumpets

    That's a great start 11lb. xxxx
  15. hepdelala

    hepdelala Member

    Week 2 complete another 5lb off
  16. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    You are doing really well. Thought I had posted before but clearly not.

    Hope you are still going strong.

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