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I've put this in the nutrition forum as it's more to do with nutrition than 'dieting'.

BBC 2 Starting on the 11/1/07 at 9:00.
6 one hour programmes. Looks interesting. Will try to send a reminder out to you all closer the time

How to be Healthy

Series examining how what we eat can change our lives. Fiona Bruce joins nine fast-food junkies in their enclosure at Paignton Zoo as they crunch their way through half a ton of raw fruit and vegetables in just 12 days. She also meets two truckers who have to swallow an unusual pill to get them moving, and learns about good and bad bacteria when she investigates what cowboys produce when a man has to do what a man has to do.
On now!! BBC2

Sounds like it's going to be a good sensible, non-quacky type programme :)
Good too :) The testers are living in tents in a zoo, eating only raw veg and fruit (back to the diet our ancestors eat).

No meat or potatoes.

One olive in brine for their salt allowance for the day.

The men have 2,300 calories of fruit and veg :D
Just got the last couple of minutes where they were saying how they all reduced their BP:)
Whoops, nearly missed this. I don't know whether they lost anything. It wasn't mentioned. It's not a weight reducing programme but more of a banishing the myths type thing, and showing what certain food do. Nothing cranky like so many diet programmes these days which really annoy me.

For example, the prehistoric dieters showed a 25% reduction in cholestral and lowered blood pressure. These were people eating what we would have done thousands of years ago, before we started eating meat.

They also put some ranchers on certain food (eg artichokes, onions, leeks and bananas and others on an active bio-yoghurt to see which ones do best of the 'healthy bacteria' front.

They were saying the good bacteria give us 10% of our energy and help to prevent again infection. The yoghurt had millions of these good bacteria in it.

Those eating the vegetables ended up with more healthy bacteria :)

Interestingly, they used the analogy of looking after a field of grass. If you want an established field to grow well, do you add more seed (the yoghurt) or fertilizer (the vegetables).

Made sense to me.

I like this sort of thing. Really want to get away from the 'processed diet food' treadmill and eat properly. Okay...I'm away from that anyway, but good to get reinforcements
I liked the one where the men ate the garlic to improve erection problems, how nice must they have smelt !!!
I liked the one where the men ate the garlic to improve erection problems, how nice must they have smelt !!!

You'll notice that I left out that part of the programme;)

This week is on being sexy :)

This week

Series in which 500 volunteers and a team of celebrities discover how and why what we eat can change our lives. Vic Reeves and Nancy Sorrell put their bodies on the line to discover just what effect food can have on our sex lives. They find out if the way to a person's heart is really through the stomach, if fruit and veg boost Vic's sperm count, if the smell of some foods turn men on and how cheese could help relieve PMS.
Interesting again this week, but next to feed the kids:cool:

Investigating what makes kids hyperactive and they are going to give 2 teen boys the freedom to eat what they like for a week. Should be interesting.