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The Tuesday Thread

Im doing this cos i cant see one anywhere else :confused:

Thought id do one anyway :) I honestly can say i cant wait until half term is over - all parents must sympathise!

Ive had some pals over today and they have kept my mind off the fridge but its nice and quiet now and kids are under control, kinda :8855:

Whats everyone been upto today then?
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Been working this morning. Now im sitting about reading minimins and other message forums. Im feeling hungry(it is day 1 lol) and want the yoghurt coated rasins and peanuts that are next to me but im thinking about making a peppermint tea instead.

Not looking forward to driving 20 miles to pick up my boyfriend from college. I wish he would just get the bus and i feel guilty for thinking it.


Trying to stay healthy!
arrrghh i'm with you there sara!! kids were driving me round the bend this morning!! all calmer now though they have found activities to keep them busy whilst i work (i work from home!). love em to bits but it's hard work trying to do so many things at once!!
plus i have my WI tonight so am stressed about that too, don't know why haven't been on a bender or anything just get the same feeling every week!


I honestly can say i cant wait until half term is over
ooooh no! don't wish half term away - i need every second of it for studying (so why then have i been p!ssing about on here and facebook all day??:rolleyes:)

Hi girlies, yes do feel a bit fed up this half term - my little one is only at school nursery but those couple of hours are bliss... lol

just had a choc porridge and gonna glug some water.. 1st day back after a couple of mad bad binge filled weeks.. feel like poo from al lthe rubbish food, plus it 'fog's' me up mentally too, should have a clearer head tomorrow when ketosis kicks in.


Team 1 all the way!
Hiya- well I have just attempted crisps with a spicy tomato pack. My plate broke in the m/wave, then they tasted awful.
So back to the drawing board and instead did the cookies from my toffee bar. They were actually nice. Very hard and almost broke my teeth, but tasted naughty and I liked it! Haha!
Now off to get another litre of water down me, before going to buy a birthday cake for my mother-in-law to be (yes it's going to be torture!).
Hope you're all doing well! xx


Peggy McParrot
I love school hols cos atleast you don't ahve to get up a the crack of dawn.

Kids have been to the dentist, so had to endure burger king, but just had a coffee and waited till i got home for a hot choc shake.. Feel pleased that i didn't succumb... Lol

watching a bond film with kids and posting on here too, house is peaceful and tidy (won't be for long)

biltsy xxxx

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