Total Solution The diary of a fat mummy!

It's a gorgeous kitchen and the worktop sound fab too!

Wow MrsN the scales are moving whoop whoop x
Have a lovely weekend x
Another 100% day so far and I'm so proud of myself. We had friends and their kids over for lunch and they brought cakes!! Loads of fresh ones from this fab little bakery - wouldn't be my first choice of things to cheat on but omg it took literally every once of will power not to cave!!
There were crisps and dips on the table and lots of yummy lunch things but I just played hostess and make sure everyone else was ok.

Then hubby and I went kitchen shopping. We've decided on the kitchen and are now in the haggling stages re the price!!!

In taking the kids out for the day tomorrow to the beach - got to make the most of this fab weather!!!
Enjoy the rest of your weekends. X
Have a lovely day at the beach x
So I had a great weekend - did loads with the kids and really enjoyed family time by the sea. Perfect. Unfortunately I made an unwise choice and had some Chinese (beef / mushroom and plain soft noodles). I didn't eat the whole portion as I was full (normally I'd have had that plus rice and a starter with chips and prawn crackers!!!!).
I still think I'll lose this week but not the large loss I was hoping for. I've been 100% today. I'm trying to think things through and feeling like I need to have a meal per week be it take away or at home / with friends but no idea if I can control it but I'm craving normality.
So im finally officially in the 15's!!
5lb off this week. I'm over the moon. Especially after my treat on Sunday night.
First big goal of losing 2 stone by my holiday at the end of the month is done - about time I've been on this diet long enough now!!!

I'm actually going away for the weekend this week so I'll be faced with eating out so that's a challenge. Feeling positive though. Hope you're all having a good week.
I think one meal a week is fine because we arnt doing the meal week every 4 weeks but that's just my humble opinion! How did you do this week x
I've posted above Bex x
Brilliant MrsN bloody brilliant!!!! X
Yay the 15s that's amazing! Bet you feel amazing!
The kitchens were gorgeous, ours is white gloss and really deep/thick white worktops everyone said it'd be too clinical as walls are white too but everyone loves it!

I agree with the one meal thing, as you know I often have grilled chicken and lettuce, or my new naughty of chicken and King prawn egg fu young! Makes me feel included and helps resist other naughties knowing I'm allowing myself that treat in the future
Emma - I don't feel any differently!! I've not even dropped a dress size yet which is frustrating but my jeans are baggy round the bum and loose on the waist but because I carry ALL my weight in the tyres around my stomach they still fit there and the next size down won't do up yet. I mean how is that possible after losing 30lb!!?? I guess it has to go sometime though!

We've decided on the grey gloss kitchen with a white Quartz worktop. Just need to do some haggling on price as its a bit over budget at the moment.

I think what the last few weeks on this diet have proved to me is that I can have a treat meal and get back on track the next day and that whilst I might not lose every week it is working and coming off. I still have 95lb to lose so this will be a long game so I can't lock myself away from every social event til j get to goal so it might take me a little bit longer than I'd like but so what.....hopefully it will then stay off!!
A lot of year ago I did a vlcd I lost 3 stone and started at a size 18, never got into a 16 or 14 just suddenly was a 12. Bodies are strange!!
Plus sizes are mental like I've said on mine I've got things from the same shops and size 18 too small but 16 fits etc strange! It'll all catch up with you soon!

I think you do right as avoiding all social makes you miserable and you'll break the diet anyway lol or that's what I'm like. I've got about 44 to lose still it's so frustrating isn't it x
just wanted to say hi MrsN.
Trying to catch up on everyones diaries!
Your kitchen pictures look amazing!
I haven't really changed dress sizes yet, its weird isn't it! Hope you have a great day x
Hope you have had a good day x
Not too bad Bex.
Just packing for my little weekend away - looking forward to it.
just wanted to say hi MrsN.
Trying to catch up on everyones diaries!
Your kitchen pictures look amazing!
I haven't really changed dress sizes yet, its weird isn't it! Hope you have a great day x
Hi Natalie.
Thanks for reading!!! I can't wait to get in those smaller jeans but think it will be a while yet!!
I bet! Have a lovely time x
Hope you had a lovely weekend - I'm back to day one today! X