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Things i like about .....

... loosing weight :D:D:D

:8855: My bellybutton has been downgraded from "Grand Canyon" to "large crater"

:woohoo: Walking up the stairs no longer feels like an expedition to the top of Mount Everest

:sign0131: I can reach properly :ashamed0005: when going to the little girls room (yes yes i know tmi lol)

:D Being able to buy smaller clothes and have more shops i can go into to look at clothes

:p Leaving behind (fingers crossed) my addiction to food and replacing it with a smilie addiction

anyone else got something they like about loosing weight?
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haha very entertaining post.

I enjoy

1. The thought of one day wearing a bikini
2. Being able to buy clothes in the mall
3. Being able to keep up with my little one once she starts walking/running lol
Feeling fitter and healthier, and generally more energized!

The thought of being able to buy clothes that you think look good, without thinking 'Oh but it won't look good on me'.

Being able to go into the supermarket with full intention to buy chocolate (and thinking it was ok as you'd count it into the plan). But when you get to the aisle and stop and look what you want, you actually think 'I don't actually fancy any, so I won't have it!' Ha this happened to me today and I must admit I was shocked at myself! I think I am a cured chocoholic!!! :D
I have cut sweets completely out for now so i agree with you that would be a nice feeling. But i havent hit that yet lol
lol i know the feeling Stirky, we dogsat a friends dog for the week when they went on holiday, for a ty they brought back a box of cornish fudge :mad: knowing full well me and dh are dieting :eek: so we gave the box of offending sweetie goodness to ds. when he opened them i thought "well i have been very good this week i'll just try one bit" so i did .... result ... it was alright but couldnt remember what all the fuss was about and gave the rest to the dog :D
Yes it is weird when you stop eating something for a long time, when you have it again it just doesn't taste the same as it used to and you go off it. I didn't even get to try choccy as didn't even feel like buying any, odd but good!

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