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Thinking about buying a bike!!


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Evidently, what I need in addition to my walking and gym work is a bike to get the old bums, tums and thighs trimmed to my liking!

Seems like a plan, but looking at all the bikes ot there it's a lot of choice.

Evidently, according to Halfords' site I need a hybrid bike - capable of both road and off-road. The wonderfully named Apollo code mens hybrid - it is also in stock at my local Halfords:)

Any cyclists on here who may vouch for the benefits of two wheels?

Not sure about the lycra shorts mind:eek:

Trouble is, I tend to have these mad ideas and give up on them after a week or two - the £150 whilst not exactly a fortune could be better put to something else. Wonder if I could trial it for a weekend?
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Weather permitting I cycle to work every day & love it. It gives me time to think about life.

We have a property in Fuerte & wanted to take bikes over there. We went into Halfords as they had a sale on & told them what we wanted the bikes for, we had in mind a particular type of bike, but they explained why it wasn't suitable & made their recomendation. And before you think we ended up spending more money we didn't. Halfords were brill.

If you've not been on a bike for years, see if there are bike hire shops near you so you can try one out for a while. Or if you do end up buying one start with short scenic journeys & try & keep it interesting. I do love cycling escpecially this weather.


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AArrggh! I car share, or to be more accurate I take two other people to work - they wouldn't fit on a bike!

Funny you should say that, as a wreckless youth I had loads of bikes I had the first Chopper bike when they came out - it was too big for me, but my gran used to spoil me rotten! I recall having to sit on the bar where the gear shift was as the seat was too high.

From about my 20s I just stopped riding. About 6 years ago, we were given a bike to use at our caravan - I was rusty at first (rustier than the bike) but as the old adage goes, you never forget.

I did have a mortal fear of falling off said bike - something as said wreckless youth, would never have been an issue!
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I bought a hybrid from Halfords the other week - it is very easy to ride. I had a Dutch type shopper before which looked great but not such an easy ride.

Atomic pink

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It might be worth having a look for one on gumtree at first, just to see if you stick with it. Bikes seem to be the sort of thing people often buy then don't use so you tend to get quite a few advertised on there. I got a very nice mountain bike from gumtree last year for £15. I was going out on it 3 times a week and really enjoying it but I seem to be a bit doomed with ankle and knee injuries at the moment. First from tripping over my cat, then from a car accident and yesterday I managed to fall down the stairs at a BBQ where I had only drunk water and coke zero. Grrrr.


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I would agree with Atomic Pink, don't spend a fortune if your not sure you'll like it.
I brought mine from a newpaper advert for 2 for £99 a few years ago, now i cycle to work twice a week 3 miles each way and 10 miles over a weekend and find my little cheap bike OK.
Also sign up to a website called freecycle, its full of people who have stuff thats too good to dump but want to give away for free, you can also put wants on it to see if anyone has one going.
But once you start you'll be hooked Maximus and you don't need to wear the shorts, I have seen some bad sights when out and about.


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Cycling is wonderful. So liberating as there is no need to find parking spaces, go down places cars aren't allowed, faster than walking. Excellent exercise and the feeling of freewheeling with the breeze in your face and hair - nothing to beat it. Like a previous poster said, no need for the silly clothes, but do wear sensible shoes or trainers. Enjoy!


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S: 17st7lb C: 10st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 24.2 Loss: 6st11lb(38.78%)
Had quite a productive day, one way or another!

Admittedly, I know nothing of cycling and even less about bikes. The Halfords website suggested a hybrid bike and an entry level bike for £150.

I'm now looking at a bike of £450+:eek: - though I also heard of the government-backed cycle to work scheme where I can get the company to contribute and spread the cost over 12 months.

Apparently as I will hardly ever be using it on the road it is recommended I get a mountain bike. Not what I'd planned, but all justifiable as part of my fitness and weightloss program:cool:


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My hubby bought me a road bike for my birthday & its the best prezzie ever! My weekly weight loss has increased & Im fitter & more toned than ever!
I disagree to those who say not to wear the lycra padded cycle shorts.....you need them if you're pumping out the miles or your 'undercarriage' will suffer!

big bear

A bear on a mission!
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Are you suppose to wear a helmet too or is that not the law?


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Are you suppose to wear a helmet too or is that not the law?
I dont think you legally have to wear a helmet, but it should be. Im an ITU nurse & have nursed many patients with severe head injuries following bike accidents. I wouldnt want to wish that on my worst enemy, the pain & agony families go thru watching their loved ones suffering & the devastation a severe brain damaged person can cause........always wear a helmet!
No apologies for being so blunt!


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Gonna cost more for the accessories!

Free £100 worth of safety kit if I take the Cycle to work offer:)

Trouble is, I wouldn't cycle to work and hate telling porkies. I have two others who rely on a lift.

Gonna do as suggested and not go diving in. Can borrow one first methinks - much more sensible approach - most unlike me:eek:

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