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Thinking about joining LL any advice??


Is feeling the love!
Hi all,

I have been thinking about joining LL for a long time but up until now the cost has put me off. I am now in a position where I can afford to do it.

Can anyone offer any advice, like how much it really costs, what the food packs are like and what sort of weight I can realistically expect to lose?

I want to loose about 4 stone in the 14 weeks, is that do-able?

Any help and advice would be gratefully recieved! :D
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Im on my tenth day.. the only thing I can really say is the foodpacks taste good.. and you have to be 100% committed because it isnt easy :)


Is feeling the love!
I am commited, so fed up of being "fat"!

I have so much trouble restricting my food intake that I need to do without "normal" food and re-learn how to eat properly and change for life.

Thanks for that. Wow, though 6.5 in the first week. That is so inspiring!
do it

but do 100%

do RTM

You will def lose 3 stone in 14 weeks - no question about that if you stick to it 100%

more is likely

be prepared for the hard work which starts when you go back to eating normally and try and learn from the cbt sessions as this will make a difference when back in the 'real' world

good luck!

daisy x
Hello Lind,
It is do-able. You could be slim for summer if you start soon.
Look on this forum, you'll find loads of posts about cost, taste, before and after photos etc.
It is worth every penny.
Good luck.


Is feeling the love!
Thanks girls!
I have just called my nearest LL counsellor and have arranged to go see her this afternoon!!!! She was lovely too!
I am so looking forward to this. :D

There is a group starting in a couple of weeks too, how licky am I!!!

Ah it's great your're starting! LL is fab.

I've just finished foundation and lost 3st 7lbs, but I've stuck to the program fully. There are other ladies that have not lost quite as much as they've been having difficulties with eating etc.

I only like a couple of flavours. Per week I have 21 veg soups (some made into 'crisps') and 7 bars (nut fudge, peanut or cranberry) - that's all I like, but I think I'm quite unusual in my limited tastes - most people like a lot of the packs. But I've still managed to stick with it.

Many of us have blogs, so they are good to read and see how we've all got on plus I love peoples before and after photos! Very motivational.

Good luck!


Is feeling the love!
Hi Belle Bee,
Thanks for that.:D Going to go read some of the blogs now...
I went to see my LL counsellor this afternoon and it was great! But I am sure all of you that are on LL already know this! lol I watched the DVD and had a good chat with my LLC and I am going to go to the group starting 24/5 but not start LL until 13/6 because I am going on holiday and she said it would not be a good idea to start it a week before my hols.
I am so excited about this.
I also discovered I weigh more that I thought!!! haha!

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