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Thinking of a mini-refocus

Hello all. Could I have you thoughts on whether I should have a mini-refocus with Slimfast...(yes, I did say Slimfast, not LT) !! Reason being that I am maintaining but have had a naughtier than usual two weeks (main issue is white bread ...which I know I cannot do now) and feel bloated as hell. I know I haven't put on very much weight but my bowel habits (sorry!) are shot. Instead of a fluid detox for a day, I was thinking of doing Slimfast for a week (2 shakes and healthy meal and restart habit of lots of water) just to ease the discomfort. Any experiences with Slimfast stuff (latte shake taste yummy and I have really missed my breakfast shake!) as I looked at Slimfast forum here and noone seemed to be losing much weight or being sucessful with it (???)
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I've no experience with Slimfast, but the fact that no-one on the forum seems to be losing isn't very positive! LOL!
Why not use the LT maintenence shakes/bars with a healthy low-carb meal for a week or two instead?


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I can totally relate to you missing your shake! I have been on the re feed programme for over 4 weeks because I cannot bear to part with my shake lol. As Irishmum recommends I would also suggest doing the LT shakes/maintance and a low carb meal at night. Good luck with whatever you decide. This weight loss/maintance is damn hard work isn't it!!!


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Think about it. Slimfast are really sweet which could set of cravings, there are 200 calories in each shake. You could have a slice of toast and a boiled egg, and a salad at lunch. even porridge in the morning made with milk and water. It's up to you of course.


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I know how you feel. I have been maintaining for 5 months and I know I have put on a few pounds as I have just come back from an all inclusive holiday. I tried to start doing the shake, maintanance bar with a low carb meal for 2 days and it was soooooo hard! I was just too hungry. Couldn't stick it! Felt shaky and sick. I worked it out and I was only having about 800 cals a day if that. I am just trying to eat healthy now, having porridge for breakfast, salad or a wrap for luch and then a healthy meal for dinner. I know it might not be as quick but I feel so much better for it and also less bloated from my hol. Good luck with whatever you do xx

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