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Thinking of coming back to atkins!

Hello guys!

Ive tried slimming world... after losing 2 stone on CD ive put 8lbs back on... I started slimming world and have put 3lbs ON! theres nooo way I am sticking with that diet thats for sure... eating as much "free" pasta clearlyyyyy was too good to be true.

So im back.... the only diets that have worked for me are the CD and atkins or low carb. So basically my plan is to finish off my couple of CD packs .. should be enough for 3 days... then im going to go straight into induction and get crackin with atkins :rolleyes:

May be on here lots to try get me through im currently bit poorly so the atkins flu might tip me over the edge but im determind to get on with this and lose some weight before xmas. only got stone and half ideally to lose and ive given myself till next april for my 21st but sooner the better obv :)

Anyway nice to meet you all ! - will be updating my pic im now dark haired guna take a before pic and hopefully will be able to do some "afters" once I get through atkins :rolleyes: woop
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Good for you Amanda....I love this diet and haven't cheated once...I have had a weight loss every week so I am very happy...

Good luck and welcome...

Jane x
thanks jane your stats are great Im trying to be realistic i dont have a huge amount to lose only half a stone to a healthy bmi so 1-2lb a week would be great like yours :)
Hiya well done on your weight loss so far, and good luck with atkins, I find low carb is the only way for me - I was terrible at SW
I totally agree Laura, you are all a fab lot...very inspiring and motivating...you will be made so welcome Amanda....Jx
Hi amanda and:welcome:! Congrats on your current weight loss. you are very close to your goal.. I've heard of SW but really didnt know to much about it. anyway welcome back. Low carbing has done wonders for me and this forum is so friendly and helpful:D
Hi Amanada and welcome love,

Remember, if you have only a small amount to lose it won't shift as quickly, and Atkins wise 7lbs is nothing really.

Good luck and I look forward to your posts. :)
I agree about the SW - far too easy to bend the rules and eat several packets of 'free' noodles and savoury rice. Atkins seems to be a sensible choice after CD as the ketosis/lipolysis advantage works in your favour. I'm coming up throught he CD plans at the moment and trying to stick to the calorie intake for CD but keeping it low-carb too.
Good luck with your plans xx


Happy to be slim at last
Hi everyone. I am coming back to Atkins too!!!! It's nice to see lots of people active on here. There weren't so many of us earlier in the year.

I lost 5.5 stones this year on a mix of VLCD and atkins evening meals and have had a bit of rest for the last few months. I am up 4lbs from the lowest, so that's not bad, but now I really want to shift my final 18lbs.

I have slipped back into eating carbs and I have been feeling really bloated and sluggish, so it's Atkins all the way for me now.

I think i will do 2 weeks of induction and then go onto Owl for the rest of it and hope to shift most of the 18lbs by Christmas.

Here's to a good week for everyone.
Wow Sarah and congrats on the weight loss. you look great!!! :D Love the pics... You do get bloated don't you when you eat too many carbs :sigh:. I've been trying to get into the flow of maint. and when I eat too many carbs I have this bloated feeling and this is why I tend to stay around the 20 carb mark per day but I'm gradually learning to up my carbs and get into a true maint, level.. only 14lbs to go you'll get there by Xmas for sure.. Doesn't it feel great when you are close to your goals and have met your other goals..

welcome to atkins and good luck with your journey. this forum is friendly and helpful like most of them on minimins :D


Happy to be slim at last
Thanks Morenachica for nice comments. You too have done really well! And you are right, it does feel great to finally be in control. Did you lose all of your weight on Atkins?

I used to chat on this board when I was in full weight loss mode and it was always one of the best boards on minimins. Jim is the only face I recognise from earlier in the year....Hi Jim :wavey:. Looking forward to chatting to you all and getting some tips!
Hey there Sarah and thanks.. Yes I lost most of my weight with atkins and low carbing. I say low carbing because during induction I did eat some nuts which is a no-no but not the first week :) I did a VLCD for 1 week and lost 6 or 7 pounds I believe but had to go back to low carbing before I binged..

Jim is still on here I'm sure he'll chime in soon. Oh yeah I forgot he was going to a chinese buffet this weekend :) everyone in this forum is nice and friendly so welcome :)


Happy to be slim at last
Hi Jim and Laura, nice to see you both still here!
Hello All- started Atkins today


I lost a bit of weight a couple years ago on LL but had done Atkins before. After piling the weight back on post LL I realised that for me Atkins was easier and very much cheaper.

At the start of the year i was 14st. I am now 11.10lbs. I got down to 11.5lbs but got into a new relationship and found it hard to keep going so have gone between 11.5lbs and 12st since then.

I have just had a week of binging and scared to weigh myself but I think I am about 12st. I started Induction today so hope to be back to at least 11.5lbs by my birthday in a month's time. I really need the support of peopleon here to keep me motivated and going!
LOL, don't worry about it CC.

It's good to see you back sarah love. :)

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