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Thinking of starting Atkins but not sure...

Hi was just wondering how well people are doing and what you are eating? I don't eat eggs at all... can't bear them.
I know it's mainly meat and veggies and I've read about these Atkins daybreak bars... but what adivce would you give me if I wanted to begin this diet?

Thanks x
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hi AmyLou

just popping in to say that the atkins/low carb has been the best decision of my life!! I'm not really that keen on eggs either but it doesnt have to be the mainstay of your diet.

I eat meat and loads and loads of different veggies, cheeses, some eggs (i mean once in a blue moon)

you will feel so much more energetic and the weight loss has been fantastic.

I hope you give it a try, It may seem restrictive at first compared to your current diet but stick with it and it will soon become the norm

Wow you have done so well. I'm gonna pop to asda tomorrow and get some bits in me thinks! Chicken, tuna, veggies, salad, those atkins bars I've seen advertised and the chunky goats cheese dised in olive oil... will give it a go. Thanks for the encouragement and positivity xxxx
oh yeah id steer clear of the atkins bars if i were you...if you have one you wil know what i mean, they have sugar alcohols in them and too much makes you (sorry TMI) really gassy and diarrhoea!! so i dont usually have them. my favourite meal is chicken with a little red onion and chilli in a tomatoesque sauce with cheese melted over the top and a blob of sour cream over the top!! who said losing weight was miserable???
i eat more naughty food now (cheese, cream) that i ate when i wasnt watching my weight lol

you relaly do have to try it for a couple of weeks to see the difference,

im on wk 14 now and am amazed at how i have managed to stick at it and feel bloody great,

good luck :D
You've so well too. It's all very positive in here. I was thinking about it and wasn't too sure but now I think I'll definitely give it a go and see how I get on.
Thanks for all the advice x
Hi amylou, welcome love and I hope you find it suits you. Tip! always check the lables for the carb count, some processed meats, i.e. sausages can be quite high carb. Another tip, for EU products you don't need to subtract the fibre, it's already been done.
Thanks very much for the advice... day one and I'm feeling positive. Might get the munchies tonight lol we'll see! Gotta keep plodding on and give it a go x
ooops, just noticed Zim has already posted the stickies. :D

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