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thinking of swapping from sw to ww

Ive been on and off sw since the end of April, going to classes most of that time, but have only managed to lose 11lb, and have put 4lb of that back on this last 4 weeks due to hols. However, I'm finding it hard to get back into it, and am wondering whether to give ww a go. I did it a couple of years ago, and lost 2 stone in about 6 months, but I know it's changed since I did it then.
I'm getting a bit fed up of eating the same stuff on sw, and think a change might give me my mojo back. Anyone else swapped from sw to ww?
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Yep, went to first meeting today. Like u, did WW a few years ago and did really well, I think the new plan looks better tho. Although I like SW, I do tend to stick to the same foods Which gets a bit boring, I've lost 1.5stone on it by doing it at home since January, but thought I'd go back to WW as it works best for me. Give it a go and see how u get on.

I have just swapped from sw to weight watchers and go to my first meeting tomorrow evening. I struggled with sw, found myself eating far too many 'free' foods. I would eat a huge slice of quiche before my tea, which really isnt that good for losing weight!

I haven't tried pp before but open to giving it a go as its more flexable and will alow for the meals out with the BF at weekends. sw just doesnt really fit in with my lifestyle.

I have a friend who has followed propoints since they introduced it and she's lost an amazing 50lbs (give or take a few) which I think is amazing! So I know it works, its just what works best for you. Have you had a look at the diarys on here to see what people are eating?

What ever you choose, good luck :) x
I have dipped in and out of SW for years!! I really love it but agree with above comments about flexibility. I found I was eating huge portions. Been doing WW pro points for a few months now and I love it. So much choice and easy to stick to and feed a family on. Teaches you portion control which is a big plus for me.
I was always singing SW's praises but after a year of it (I did lose a lot) I found it hard to stick to as there isn't much flexibility for my working life so I eventually fell off the diet wagon.

I've been on WW since May and so far so good, it's not a dramatic weight loss this time but slow and steady wins the race.

Plus I think portion control is a lot to do with it and PP teaches that a lot better than unlimited portions with SW.

I hav done sw quite a few times and although the weight loss was good for a while i always got bored cuz i run out of things to eat n stuc to the same stuff all the time. Ww is great you can now eat fruit freely, i luv making smoothies which i had to count as sins at sw but on ww only 1 pp which is great. I have 36 pp per day, out of that i hav 3 very good meals, 2 smoothies and a freddy frog pack of crisps 4 pink n white wafers and a hot choc per day, i def dont feel deprived, gud luck n giv it a go you wil b presently surprised x
:17729::talk017::gen147:I really do wonder about ww and SW
the unlimited free foods with SW do nothing to teach portion control yet my current leader has lost 11 stone doing SW
looking at her I am always convinced yet I struggle with 10 stoneish to lose and really dont know which is best
Ive just swapped to wwpp from sw. After a period of illness & a stay in hospital i started to struggle & often didnt feel like cooking from scratch which highlighted the inflexibility of sw. I couldnt get back on plan so swapped to wwpp rather than continuing to amble & gain weight. Wwpp going well so far been been a little hungry due to reduced amounts of pasta & pots but ill get used to that as i get used to realistic portion sizes. Good luck
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Hiya. Ive moved over from SW on 13th June and in 12 weeks Ive lost 1 Stone (some may find that slow but for me its ideal as I'm eating anything I like and don't feel like Im on a diet)

I have found that at the moment WW pro points fits better with my lifestyle. Both plans work great but I believe that you will only be sucessful if the plan fits into your lifestyle.

Personally I found the Healthy Extra B too restrictive, there are days where its more ideal to have a Cereal for breakfast, a Sandwich for Lunch and then a quick dinner like Spag Bol. On SW that would have resulted in me using my syns on one of my meals as I only had one/two HEB.

WW does allow for unexpected meals out without falling off the wagon. I just need to work my points out and use my weeklies if needs be.

Like everything in life, to have the pro's of flexability and the freedom to eating anything there are the cons - weighing and counting.

If you are prepared to weigh everything, count all foods and adapt portion sizes then WW is the way forward.

I do intend to go back to SW when I have reached me goal weight (I cant see myself counting all my life) I find that I lose better on WW and maintain on SW.

Hope this is some help
thanks for you comments, I think I am gonna give ww a whirl. Ive totally lost the effort necessary to do sw, and haven't done any form of dieting for over a week now, and know Ive put some weight back on by how my clothes fit(daren't get on the scale!). Am gonna join a class next week, get the calculator and books, then probably join on line as getting to class every week is impossible due to work and childcare. I'm excited to be starting something new tbh, and think it will fit better with my life, especially now the kids are back at school, Ive got less time to cook everything from scratch which is what you have to do on sw every day.
I have just finished my first week and lost 3lbs. I moved from sw because some nights I just didnt fancy cooking from scratch. Its much easier and I find im quite full too. Much better than the old ww points.

Good luck for next week :)
Good luck! there is currently a good deal with the online WW - 3 months for £33 x
yep i got that deal on top cash back dot com, gotta love cashback sites
I am in the same situation (kind of) I joint SW 16th Aug and have only lost 3.5lb so far and I reckon it wouldn't even had been that if I had gone for my usual evening weigh in instead of the morning one this week...oh well...

I am getting bored with the same old foods as some days I do not want to cook from scrath so just end up with egg and sw chips and beans, I do like the recipes in the books/mags but then some days I don't want to speand the time cooking, or I may not have gotton the meat out the freezer, or maybe just don't have the ingreds to cook them anyway and find it expensive to keep them toppped up all the time.
I feel like I am going to be disloyal to SW but I hate that everyone I know is losing weight with either plan, and SW just don't seem to be working for me, maybe it is WW that will be for me as I really need to sort out my portion control...having a BIG bowl of pasta/plate of rice isn't going to help at all...yet been told is 'free' so eat away....hmmmm.....
Good luck with WW...please keep us updated


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