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Thinking of switching to slimming world opinions

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by chrissie2108, 26 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. chrissie2108

    chrissie2108 Full Member

    Hi lovely people,

    So I started low gi diet Monday and thinking of switching to slimming world, I'm not 100% getting on with it, purely for the reason that I feel down a lot and my natural reaction is to eat, so my thinking is to switch to SW so I can fill myself up on the free foods to avoid that and if I do feel down and want to eat I can just snack on free foods with out the worry of ruining my diet. If I manage to lose weight I know I will feel happier but want to eat when I feel down cos I feel so gross and fat......vicious circle

    Sorry for the essay, opinions would be fab :)

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  3. Mrsbod

    Mrsbod Full Member

    I'd definitely recommend it. I eat when sad, lonely or bored, stressed too. Being able to snack on so many tasty things is what make me better at SW than any other diet, plus you have your syns as well if you need that sweet treat (or drink/take away)

    Good luck whichever route you take x
  4. chrissie2108

    chrissie2108 Full Member

    Wouldn't take a ways go over the 15 syn allowance?

    Struggling to find my SW book, think ima switch, I think what iv eaten today is within sw, had brown toast with marmite for breakfast, wholemeal pittas with sliced chicken salad boiled egg and light mayo for lunch and for dinner gunna have grilled turkey breast with jacket potato and salad

    Do you know if the nandos lemon and herb marinade is syn free?

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  5. Mrsbod

    Mrsbod Full Member

    Some things from the Chinese are fairly low, think chow mein or chicken in black bean are ok.

    Not sure about the nandos, sure someone will be able to find out though
  6. caroline1985

    caroline1985 Full Member

    Hey I am doing slimming world along side of calorie counting because I can easily eat over 1500 calories on slimming world with the free foods. I started again yesturday so far so good x

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