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This MADE my day...hehehe

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I arrived at work and our entrance is next to the loading bay where we receive deliveries.

The guys were out receiving goods, and one looked up smiled and said "Good Morning!"

As I was entering the door I heard his boss yell at him, "OY! Concentrate on your work!!!"

He said, "I am!!"

Boss said, "I know what you were concentrating on - now get back to work!!!!" :D :D

I just carried on as if I didn't hear but it did make me grin like a Cheshire cat as I walked up to our floor!!!!


What a great way to start a Friday!!! :)
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I'm going to be slim
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hehe great thing happen to a great lady


I Can Do This!
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LOL BL. You must be as sexy in real life as you are in your pics ;). What a wonderful compliment! xx


Silver Member
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I know we are all supposed to be up in arms at blokes eyeing women up etc. but you know what - it's flattering and it's a well deserved positive stroke. I am not surprised by the way BL, you are looking stunning in your pics.
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excellent start to the day - hope it has kept you feeling high all day!
daisy x
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go bl x x x


Playing the Angel
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*sings along to Foxy Lady*, off course the men were staring at ya hun, you are one foxy lady!!!!!!

Fantastic, you little sex kitten you! x
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
lol, thanks ladies. Peony - I know what you mean. BUt hey - we watch men - so why do they get such a hard time for it? I have never understood that. In fact - women are WORSE then men usually - ever been to a Chip n' Dales stripper show? Women are ANIMALS! LOL

I must admit, I am enjoying the times when someone expresses their approval -not that I am in the least bit interested mind, but its nice to be noticed! My favourite ones of course, are the ones from my hubby. :) But I like em all!!!

Thanks peeps! Happy Saturday!!!! :D

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