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This Weeks Weigh In

Hey - well done on the 2.25lbs off this week. That's brilliant, especially so close to Christmas.

Are you planning to keep trying to lose weight over the holidays?


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Hi Guys,

Thanks for all your messages.....well in response to whether i am planning on carrying on over xmas, the answer is yes and no.....I have decided that as of today I am no longer tracking points until after xmas, because it is just too hard with xmas stuff in the house and going out with OH all the time etc etc....and feeling deprived, which I know will only lead me to worse temptation in the end...so instead I am just being as very sensible as I can be....I had chicken for lunch, and I am having poppadoms from indian for dinner, but no main course, and I am going to eat a few malteasers later...but thats it. and I will try to remain very sensible all over christmas, not pigging out at all (i hate the too full feeling anyway) so there you have it....who knows? Might even still lose!!


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Hi All.... well, I am now half way through the week of not counting points and think I have put on 1 or 2 lbs...but not sure....I have decided not to weigh again until the morning of 02 Jan, as this will be the day that I start to properly track points again...I am not feeling too huge..but I have got a chest infection as well, and loads of xmassy food and choc so going to carry on trying to be kinda sensible but not count until 2nd Jan...then get back on with a vengeance...how was everyone elses xmas??



Wants to be a yummy mummy
Thanks guys...me and OH both feeling even worse today...I have been struggling into work all week though and he is off...which is most defo not fair!!:(
Anyway, tonight we are having a little xmas buffet, just the two of us, to use up all xmas food in prep for it all to be gone for when I get back on the bandwagon on Wednesday....I am scared what the scales will say on weds,. but i know if its bad, it'll only be temporary....can I just say a huge well done to all that have pointed over xmas...hats off to you...i couldnt do it!! i know that much!!:party0051:

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