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thursday thread *hour by hour*


please try again
morning all, hope everyones having a good one

last day of the old year hey, hope everyones ready for the slimmer new year, i know i am!

threw a load of clothes out again yesterday and hung up some more smaller clothes that im looking forward to wearing now

so today i need to decide weather to stay at home and risk no sleep when my crack head neighbours start partying or weather to drive to coventry to stay with a friend and risk getting stuck with bad weather

its just last time took me days to get over the lack of sleep and i was awful to live with and sleep deprived on cambridge = me trying to dive into the fridge and i really really dont want that
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i drive to coventry, dont do no sleep, lol!
i thought i might join you, if thats ok, for your hour by hour- today is day 2, and although im motivated, "hard" bit is kicking in...
i too have a disabled child (i saw on another thread) josh has ASD he is 10, so i understand that doing things for "you" is harder than for normal mothers (no offense to normal mothers).
so, had 21/2 l of water today, and 2 coffees, trying to hold out til lunch to have first shake!
hope you day is going well


please try again
hey tracy, good to see you here :)

the daily threads for everyone hun, helps alot of us to stay on track during the day

wow youve already had 2.5l of water today? putting me to shame ive only had about 200ml so far, lol and i usually leave my first pack till lunch too, never been particulary hungry in the mornings so i save mine for when im more likely to be hungry
Hi I'm not on CD yet, but I just love reading the forums.

sumayyah, go to coventry hun, have a good night and just make sure you take 2/3 days provisions. So if you do get stuck, it's not a problem :).

Wooohooo scojos! Keep going doll.

I don't know if anyone tried this. But my CDC said a hot vanilla shake with a spoonfull of coffee was lush. I don't drink coffee, but might be nice for you guys x


Going for Goal!
Good morning all!

Well I have woke up this morning with clouded vision - not really a headache, but I remember this clouded vision when I started the diet - must be on my way to ketosis land YAY! I'm just about to make a cd hot choc and fill my water bottle. I will also need 2 paracetamol to stop the headache before it starts!

I had an eventful day yesterday. I went to visit some family (my Dad's side) who live in Mansfield, near Nottingham. They haven't seen me since my Wedding Day (you can see how large I was in my picture album) so they were all gobsmacked to say the least and I endured so many compliments, it was a lovely feeling. Saying this, I still don't quite know how to take positive compliments - my weight has always be a "no one mention it" type thing, so it does feel a little odd, although nice! :)

On the drive home we go through the Pennines - it started snowing. My head was nodding off to be quite honest until suddenly my Husband shouted "F*** I'm out of control!" He put the handbreak on and we spun round (from the back end) luckily the car stopped and we were facing a drop, thankfully he managed to reverse slowly and drive back out of the Pennines, on our way back to Mansfield...I had my Mum crying in the back, she was absolutely petrified. When we got back onto the main road we stopped and had a fiddle with the sat nav and took the long motorway route back home.

It was a very frightening experience and not one I wish to have again! How I am glad to be back home!!! lol

I am hoping that my wii game "biggest looser" will arrive in the post today. I have been doing online surveys for quite a while and got my £10 amazon voucher through just before Christmas, and when I didn't get the game for a pressie I went on amazon and ordered it :) I'm looking forward to it arriving and giving it a good go - I have heard it is brilliant :)

I'm thinking re: the wii fit plus - perhaps I need to keep going but the exercises don't seem to last long enough! Some are 3 mins, some 5 mins and some 7 mins. I could go for longer, maybe I need to unlock the harder ones?? Confused.com ! I did have a good giggle with my hubby last night, we took it in turns to play the different games. I couldn't do the kung fu game for laughing!!! hahaha!

Hope everyone has a brilliant day/evening. Do any of you have any plans for this eve? Me and HB are going to a club in town where they have a d'n'b dj that hb likes (hubby's music - please don't judge me - anything if it keeps him happy!!! lol) So I won't be drinking, but evenso I know I'll have fun wearing my new top :)

Hugs x x x
the vanilla shakes with a little cinnamon is lovely!!
yes, done the ironing, the bathroom is covered in bleach, but no songe to wipe it off with so off to tescos now, lol!
just had 1st tetra, going on wii now to see if i can be good lol
sumayyah do the drive! I certainly would!!
Emma, do you weigh and everything on the wii fit? have heard you can do that! is it accurate? am intreagued!

Whats everyones plans for tonight?
Ive been invited to my parents at the last minute, with the family and a few mates, mum has gone and bought a LOAD of food! *eek*
what to do.... lapse for tonight, or try and stay on track?


Going for Goal!
Emma, do you weigh and everything on the wii fit? have heard you can do that! is it accurate? am intreagued!
It's fab! Yes you can weigh on it and it is perfectly accurate. It also works out your BMI and sets goals for you! I love it!

what to do.... lapse for tonight, or try and stay on track?
Personally, I would stay on track. Even if you lapse a little you will regain water and most likely undo this weeks weight loss. If you stay on track, at weigh in when you see those scales go down it will be sooooooooo worth it.

When I began the diet I found it difficult to say 'no' - I found the easiest thing for me was to come clean and tell the family that I really really wanted this weightloss and asked them to support me in my decisions to have a complete break from food, like a detox. I was fortunate that my family and friends respected my honesty and supported me in anyway they could (My Mum has enough sparkling water in her house to fill a swimming pool!) I say stick at it and watch the lbs roll off you! ;)

Hugs x x x
Emma - are you weighing on carpet? I was quite surprised a few years ago to realise I weighed about 4lbs more on tiles. Made sense unfortunately :mad:
It is on carpet actually yes - having said that my bathroom scales are on tiles and are weighing me as the same. Time will only tell when I get to my CDC's house for my official weigh in. I tend to weigh myself at home anyway, but take my CDC's weigh in's as the official weight lost for that week. For me, as long as those numbers are heading downwards, I'm happy! :D:D:D
i have just got off the wii fit, its says i have lost 3lb since boxing day, and i only started cd yesterday, lol!!
have sent dh to tesco for sponges, avoid temptation, my whole house stinks of bleach now though as i cant rub it off, hey, my bathroom will be clean,lol!!
starting to get a headache now, fumes probably not helping, which idiot starts a diet on new years eve????:eek:
having my last meal tonight (810 for 1st 2 days on cdcs advice...) having my fav of leeks and mushrooms with turkey rashers yum!! sorry for those who are food free, that ll be me tomorrow:rolleyes:
got through another litre of water and about 20 fags!!!
good luck everyone
Happy New Year to everyone, however you are spending it - on CD or off or half on and half off, the important thing is to enjoy the evening and know that this year we are all going to be strong, stick to it and REACH OUR GOALS
There are going to be a lot of skinny minis here in 2010 :)

Smile, hold your head up and wiggle those hips!
Hello from a very intermittent CD'er!

Hoping to restart on Sunday 3rd Jan - catching a train soon to the Essex coastline to stay overnight with some friends in Walton-On -The -Naze, a pretty seaside town best visited in the summer, ha ha!

Hope everyone has a pleasant evening and a successful 2010 xx
Sounds like i should invest in a wii fit then!! sounds good! ive heard you do running and all sorts on there?
Thanks for the advice etc, im going to stick with it, would be daft to spoil it after being back on track since sunday!
im driving to the parents anyway, so sparkling water it is!!
  • Strength Training: Put your strength to the test with muscle-toning exercises like Single Leg Extension, Sideways Leg Lift, Arm and Leg Lift, Single-Arm Stand, Torso Twists, Rowing Squat, Single Leg Twist, Lunge, Push-Up and Side Plank, Jackknife, Plank and Triceps’ Extension. Challenges include Push-Up Challenge, Plank Challenge and Jackknife Challenge.
  • Aerobics: Get your heart pumping with fun, interactive Aerobic exercises like Hula Hoop, Basic Step, Basic Run, Super Hula Hoop, Advanced Step, 2-P Run, Rhythm Boxing, Free Step and Free Run.
  • Yoga: Work on your balance and flexibility with Yoga poses and activities like Deep Breathing, Half-Moon, Dance, Cobra, Bridge, Spinal Twist, Shoulder Stand, Warrior, Tree, Sun Salutation, Standing Knee, Palm Tree, Chair, Triangle and Downward-Facing Dog.
  • Balance Games: Get into the action with fun, balanced-based games like Soccer Heading, Ski Slalom, Ski Jump, Table Tilt, Tightrope Walk, Balance Bubble, Penguin Slide, Snowboard Slalom and Lotus Focus.
wii fit is a great invstment if you are going to use it regularly, dh gotme the wii fit plus for xmas:rolleyes: no comment lol

ok, have coped until tea time, hve just made mexican for the family which is my fav... no picking yet!!
hope everyoe else is ok

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