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Hello everyone! Good to see you. I figured quarantine for ages is a good time to go into a cocoon and emerge slimmer at the end of it! Like a rebirth :)

I thought I had an old CWP profile, but it seems to have disappeared. Maybe this isn't the same forum from before they changed all the products a few years back. I did CWP a couple of times but since the last time I had a daughter and a rough time, so need a boost to get going. I have only regained everything or more since the last time, which is gutting, but giving myself a break after what I had to contend with. I found these diaries really help. So do progress pictures, goal setting, working in rewards for meeting goals, writing out coping strategies and using measurements - I learned that sometimes you get a lower loss but lots of inch loss. So here I am to set some goals and share some pictures to motivate myself. The first time round I worked in things that opened up to me in life because of being lighter. I went horse riding and did a sky dive, for example. I'd love to do the latter again for sure, but my main motivation is to be healthier and more energetic to be with my lively toddler. I've never had to contend with making someone else food while on SS, but I did manage to be 100% all over christmas and new year before, so maybe that will be ok ha :-/

I start SS+ tomorrow. This is my first time since the calories are higher on the packs and since the rice pudding and tetras are gone. Bit sad about some of the things gone, but looking forwards to trying some new stuff. I've been cutting down carbs for a few days and upping my water intake, as I remember the horrible struggle of starting from eating loadsa carbs and not enough fluid!!! I have to do 4 products due to height. Didn't know about a TDR step until i'd bought them but I don't think the limited choice would be so bearable.

Nice to meet you all and here goes nothing. Lets go round again :)

Start: 19st5lbs, BMI: 37.9, Arm: 16in, Bust: 48in, Waist: 47 1/2in, Hips: 54in, Thigh: 26in.
End Goal: 11st11lbs, BMI: 23. Aim to lose 7st6lbs

W2: Bust 42.5, Waist 42, Hips 51, Arm 15, Thigh 26. T loss 15 in

Meet Consultant 21/3/20:stickdance:Lose 7 lbsLose 5in 30/3 :bunnydance:Nails done
Start Diet 24/03:stickdance:Lose 1stLose 10in 30/3 :bunnydance:New Hair Style
Finish Day One 24/3 :stickdance:Lose 1 1/2stLose 15in 6/4 :bunnydance: Massage
Get into Ketosis 24/3 ( :-o ) :stickdance:Lose 2stLose 20inReiki
Finish: W1 30/3 :stickdance:no w/i 🔒Lose 2 1/2stLose 25inHealth Spa
Finish: W2 6/4 :stickdance: no w/i xEx 7/4Lose 3stLose 30inSome new clothes
W3 (w1 Exante)Lose 3 1/2stLose 35inNew makeup
W4Lose 4stLose 40inGig or Theatre night
W5Lose 4 1/2stLose 45inCranial sacral therapy
W6Lose 5stLose 50inFloatation tank
W7Lose 5 1/2stLose 55inNew bag
W8Lose 6stLose 60inNew shoes
W9Lose 6 1/2stLose 65inMake over
W10Lose 7stLose 70inComedy Club
W11Lose 7 1/2stLose 75inNew Wardrobe
W12Goal Weight ReachedInch Loss Goal ReachedSky dive
(etc)Maintain 1m (etc)Maintain 1m (etc)
Will add more weeks when decide how will proceed after SS+ time.

Here are my current pictures and below those, some old before/after ones to inspire myself! I will come back and check of these goals as I meet them and will eventually add a signature list or ticker etc.


Last before/afters
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Hello FaeFaeFifi and welcome back to the world of CD. I simply had to post as you had put so much time and effort into your first post (pictures, excel spreadsheets etc.). These forums are really quiet (I sometimes wonder whether there is another group that I'm not aware of i.e. a secret group!) but I will try and help support. Maybe we can help each other.
I started (again) on 17.02.2020 and today was my week 5 weigh in. The last time I did CD was I think in about 2012. I am absolutely gutted to be back on this plan, I thought I had made 'lifestyle changes' and I made my consultant aware of this! But I know what to do.
When you said the word 'tetra' I had not heard that word for ages! They were the small carton drinks right? I'm not sure what else has gone, maybe you can remind me. I set myself a goal of losing 1.5kgs each week until the end of the Easter term (I am a teacher you see) but things being as they are, holidays aren't really happening but yes, I see it as a rebirth!
Your spreadsheet, I'm confused... am i meant to read it left to right? Start diet lose 1 stone? Finish day 1 lost 1.5 stones (that WOULD be impressive?!) Finish week 1, lose 2 and a half stone? I am obviously not understanding it! I love the end column though with the rewards. I think one of my rewards would be trying to see if I can fit into my tight fit TM Lewin shirts. I bought so many of them, beautiful shirts for work but...
NO BEN, don't go down that path, just sort it out!
Anyway, I will let you get on.
Hey Ben, great to meet you :) haha yes, trying to entertain myself during quarantine I think! I first did cwp in 2012 too! Were you on a forum then too? I was also, I can't find it though and that one definitely wasn't quiet. I don't mind quiet though - I'm a bit of a self motivator where diaries are concerned and happily post to myself lol.
Wow teacher post must be absolutely hectic at the moment. I salute you! Thank you for your front line commitment :)
Don't be cross with yourself, that is never motivating. I try imagine myself as a child (when I remember) and think what a kid would need to succeed. You'll know loads about that as a teacher 😉
How are you finding it this time around? I'm hoping it's manageable with a toddler 😬 is it hard doing it under this much stress at work?
You read the table top to bottom, so first column is the time related goals, second is the weight, third inches and fourth rewards sorta thing. Definitely not to be achieved alongside eachother haha. That's one hell of a consultant who can lose you 7lbs just by their presence 😂
You reminded me one of my old goals was to fit in a Karen Millen dress (think that's what they're called) but when I did I didn't like any haha

Good to meet you :)
A sky dive? NO WAY!
I used to have a great minimins account, used to do my tracker etc but I think I have lost that diary. Never mind, although my signiture still has all my old target and weights.
Thanks for the lovely teacher messages. I have been in today for key workers but not in tomorrow. We're trying to have skeleton staff to manage it properly.
Yeah!!! The first one was AMAZING. Unforgettable expericence that completely changed how I felt about fear and life etc. If you can jump out if a plane and trust a stranger to land you.... It opens up lots of stuff haha.
I thought I remembered you, vaguely from the name maybe, that's why I asked. Was this the forum from years ago then? I can't find anything on my email addresses or anything so I just assumed there was another one but maybe o got deleted haha.
Was meant to be 34, ended up being 6.
They keep moderating my comments for some reason I don't understand.

Day one could have been a disaster.... I went to make my porridge and it suddenly dawned on me that I dont have a microwave! Usually i'd have rushed out and bought one but the government just put us on lockdown so nobody can bring me one and I cant go get one because my daughter has a cough. Fortunately my brain was in determined mode and at first I was going to have a bar first and figure out the problem later, but then I thought to google it and found as long as I don't put direct heat on the porridge (like cook it in a pan) its ok. So you can put it in a heat resistant bowl inside a pan of boiling water for example. So it took ages and it was a faff.... but I am officially on day one, one product in!
AND... it took longer to do than you anticipated, meaning your closer to finishing day one!
I normally have my bar after my evening meal. I cut it in half, and have it in two sittings.
Yup! Two products in already. I'm quite sure my body is shifting to ketosis already cause I'm freezing and had a funny taste since last night. That'd be awesome and well worth the carb cutting preparation haha

I used to have porridge, then a bar then a soup and rice pudding or a hot mint or orange chocolate shake in evening
Stop typing and start drinking! (not Gin...)
i have a question sorry to interrupt ur thread😩 it’s just hard to find people that are also doing CD
so you know how they say the cambridge diet is for 12 weeks how many weeks is each step split into? is sole source for 2 weeks because surely it can’t be for 12 right...
Hey there :) don't apologise. It's a slow forum indeed!
You can do CD as long as you like but you can only do the very low calorie steps for up to 12 weeks at a time. You'd have to come off at the end for at least a week (or so it used to be) and then you can stay on a higher step or go back to the one you were on x
Most people who do CD do it for the lowest steps and only tend to use the bigger ones unless essential for health reasons or for working up towards maintenance. If you don't get bigger losses.cause you are on high steps this diet feels like torture when you could be on another diet eating more food and no products x
Day one complete. Definitely in ketosis. Feeling very energised and good. Definitely recommend cutting carbs before starting!! Today I noticed that my nervous system associates the smell of Cambridge products with feeling good about myself, which was interesting. Maybe cause of feeling great at the end before 🤔
omg so people stay on sole source for 12weeks?! for some reason i thought the whole diet is only 12 weeks with all the steps included wow that is a shocker hmmm i supposed you would get used to it
Day one complete. Definitely in ketosis. Feeling very energised and good. Definitely recommend cutting carbs before starting!! Today I noticed that my nervous system associates the smell of Cambridge products with feeling good about myself, which was interesting. Maybe cause of feeling great at the end before 🤔

awww that’s great i found the smell weird but now i just accept it haha. you will definitely feel good about yourself at the end once it’s over and the final result is worth it