Ticker Help!!!

i have that problem ...ask pierce on the technical site .....
Yep...I'm stuck also. I've found tickerfactory.com...but no idea how to get it onto my signature...I presume that's where it goes?
signature under user cp at top of page on left ......
tell me now ............which box did you paste it in to ..ta
Well done Slimlouise on sorting out your weight tickertracker as it is a bit confusing the first and second time.

Congratulations on your 17lbs. off:D :D :D

That is fantastic!!!
Ok ladies, here is what you do......I have copied and pasted it from the Technical Section (thank you to Pierce)

Go the website Graphical Event Ticker for your Signature, Message Boards, Blogs and Web Page and set up a weight loss ticker by following the instructions, filling in your weight and goal, and create your own. On the finished page it gives several different versions of what to hylight and copy. Pick the BB code version , hylight it, then right click and copy.

Next go you your profile on this site, UserCP(in the blue bar above on the far left), click edit signature, and then paste it in your signature. Click save and your good to go ;)
pierce has done for me but i couldn't do it when i wanted to up date it ....its the last sentence ..which box to paste it in ...arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Thanks slimlouise...I've followed your instructions...but when I hit 'save signature' or even 'preview' it just says invalid file. Aghh the joys of technology!