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Time to confess my syns, so that I may be forgiven.


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I might the fateful mstake this week of blowing the ful 70 syns (and maybe a bit more) at an all you can eat chinese tuesday (weigh-in) night. Naturally I have not synned since but today it got too much, I decided to have a treat but the moment something nice entered my mouth I went crazy. Not helped by the fact that my friend who also does plan was in the same predigement and we just encrouged eachother.

I have eaten:

1 thorntons chocolate bar
1 kit-kat chunky
1/2 big pack of wine gums
2 onion rings
1/2 thing of cheesy garlic bread
1 Minature easter egg
Packet of dry roasted peanuts
Couple of handfuls of cheesy doritos
Couple of cola bottles
Cheese, crackers and branston pickle

I was enevedoubly sick, everywhere.

I'm shocked. annoyed, horrified and disgusted. Never done anything like this before, I mean I've binge ate, but I never even ate this much when I'm not on a diet. Gross.
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I had my first night out on Friday since I started SW. "planned" to have a few pints and back on plan come sat morning. I was a pig all weekend.

10 pints and Kebab on way home
1 large bar of orange aero
1 whispa
1 large packet of crisps
2 small packets crisps
1 Chinese take away
1 large sandwich with full fat mayo
Cheese and crackers

Feeling yukky also but back on plan today. Have 2 full days before WI so plan to do extra in the gym as punishment lol
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Been a bad week here too, several slices of birthday cake, two slices of coldish pizza after said birthday,a sandwich I thought would be healthy but def was not whilst out, the despair of which led to a slice of cheesecake later in the day, and 2 choc cupcakes cos a kind relative had made them..and well it would be rude not to.

It's very bad, I wish hadn't, I will reap the whirlwind on the scales today, but it's a new week, so I start again.
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Crikey we all have weaknesses and bad days - it's done and guilt is a wasted feeling! Shall I pretend to be religious and rid you of all your sins (or is that syns) lol. Start afresh and forget it - we are all too hard on ourselves. Good luck all x
I did have a binge yesterday started off really good then had some toblerone that my other half got for fathers day and i went down hill from there starting fresh today going for a long long walk and zumba on the wii


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Can I just say...when you do have a bad day, please don't try to undo it by having nothing the rest of the week, as you've seen it doesn't work very well because you feel deprived and become depraved!

Draw a line under it, increase your superfree and water intake, but don't punish yourself, because that way eating disorders lie!


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oohh i thought that i had had a bad week, i had
1 x new flake bar
about 15 digestive biscuits (over 3 days)
some chocolate brazils at cinema
3 penguin bars
about 6 extra slices of bread with butter
1 x wispa bar
1 glass at 8 syns of wine. (i had counted the other 2 glasses in my syn range)

i think that this is it. I am hoping that i dont go to much over this week. This is not all over my syn allowance, probably about half of it is over allowance.
S: 18st0lb C: 16st4lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 40.4 Loss: 1st10lb(9.52%)
Managed to lose 2lbs, I can only say that I do not deserve it and it must be the stress (18th birthday party and big anniversary party I've got loads to make for) that did it (I have been REALLY stressed).

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