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Time to get my confidence back :) LauraBelle's slimming world diary

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by LauraBelle, 21 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. LauraBelle

    LauraBelle Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm Laura & I'm starting slimming world again for what feels like the 100th time! My fiance has booked us a holiday to Tunisia in January so really really hoping to lose at least 2 stone by then, I need to get back all the confidence I lost after putting on weight when I had my babies :) I started last week, on my 26th birthday and have lost 2.5lb so far :) Just hoping this will keep me on track and stop me sneaking in extra syns!

    So today,
    Breakfast: Fruit (grapes, strawberries, raspberries and satsuma) with a raspberry and cranberry mullerlight, black coffee with sweetener and a pint of sugar free summer fruit squash
    Lunch: Teriyaki stir fry with noodles, vegetables, quorn pieces, soy sauce and some blue dragon teriyaki sauce (3 syns)
    Dinner: Skinless chicken breasts with slimming world roast potatoes, parsnips and cabbage. I made mushy pea gravy to go with this so it was completely syn free, half a tin of mushy peas mixed with water and 2 chicken stock cubes, a bit salty so may only use one stock cube next time but otherwise lovely!
    Treat: White kinder bueno (12 syns)

    Total syns for the day = 15. Won't bother with the teriyaki sauce next time as stir fry is just as nice with syn free soy sauce only! I never regret using my syns on chocolate though, that is what keeps me on plan!
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  3. LauraBelle

    LauraBelle Member

    I can tell today is not going to be the best! My partner brought my back McDonalds breakfast after work, and seeing as it's his day off he will probably want a takeaway later but seeing as this is a lifestyle change and not a diet, I'm determined not to let it ruin the whole day, will try and make slimming world friendly choices from the takeaway!

    So today,
    Breakfast: x2 Mcdonalds mini breakfast snack wraps, 1 sausage & one bacon (don't even want to know the syns) bowl of fruit (strawberries, raspberries, satsuma and grapes) with a black coffee & glass of sugar free summer fruits squash

    Will update later on :)

    Ok ended up being a terrible terrible slimming world day!!
    Lunch: Strawberries, grapes and a Mr whippy ice cream with a chocolate flake and raspberry sauce in the park with the kids

    Dinner: Pizza express - garlic bread with mozzarella, classic margharita pizza & summer fruits pudding with marscapone, scillian still lemonade, too many syns to count! Line drawn firmly under today and back on plan tomorrow!
    Last edited: 22 July 2014
  4. LauraBelle

    LauraBelle Member

    Hoping for a better day than yesterday!
    Breakfast: Grapes, strawberries, raspberries and satsuma with a banana custard mullerlight. Black coffee with sweetener, summer fruits sugar free squash.
    Going to make baked bean loaf now as a snack as I am starving already! This is syn free, is a batchelors savory rice cooked, then mixed in with half a tin of baked beans, half a tin of chickpeas, 2 eggs and a bit of paprika & seasoning. No syns yet today! :)

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