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tired, hormonal and scared I'll binge


I've been doing really well and finding it quite easy, until the last couple of days. I've been so busy at work, my boys been poorly (thankfully much better now) and totm has really been messing me about this month. I just feel so tired and emotional and hormonal and under the weather (not poorly just like I might be any minute). And I just want to eat, I don't mean binging on familysize bags of malteasers (yet), just more than I have been having, white bread sandwiches and big plates of pasta and sauce. But I am scared it's gonna end in a BINGE!!
The thing I'm wondering is whether to give into this in a controlled way by upping my calories to get me through this slump. I definitely went over my 1200-140 yesterday, but think I came in under 2000 so shouldn't be putting on at this level. So should I let myself go up to there or 1800 or something temporarily to get myself through this?
But if I do that is it just a matter of time til I find the next excuse. I really, genuinely don't know if I'm just looking for an excuse to eat.
Any advice appreciated.
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One day at a time :)
If you need to eat then have a glass of water, wait a couple of minutes then have a slice or 2 of wholegrain toast with a scraping of jam or something similar - just to cut the edge off of the carb/sugar craving. But make sure you have the water before!!
why not have some diet cokes and sugar free jelly for those cuple of days?
Thank you for taking time to reply. I think to be honest I was cutting my calories far too low. I was aiming for 1200, coming in short most days and overestimating on some stuff so I think I was probably coming in more like 1000 a lot of the time. My body just rebelled, and I think it was right coz after having a higher intake for most of last week (prob 1500-1800 most days, although I didn't really count too closely) I weighed in at 4lbs lighter this week. Might stick to the higher and see how I go, plenty of room to drop if needs be later on.


But you can call me Elise
1500-1600 is a good amount of daily calories to lose weight on for most people, I only set my bar at 1200 myself because I have a damaged metobolism (long story - side effect of medication that I was never told about!). At about 1000 calories (and less) your body will go into starvation mode but you aren't cutting the calories as much as say LL or CD users so you won't lose much at all. As you suggest, give it a week and if you are still losing weight stick to that and only drop it back if you stop losing.

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