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To buy or not to buy?


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I'm only a month in to my diet and there's a long way to go.
I'm about a 26 at the moment.
My question is - do I trust myself and buy this size 16 skirt I've seen online which I really love and put it away ready for when I get down to that size or is that too much of counting chickens before they are hatched?
DO I buy or not?
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It just seems so far away - I have never been down to that size since I was a teenager.
I AM determined to do it this time...
Go for it. I've put on 3 1/2 stone since the begining of may and have an entire wardrobe of clothes that don't fit. I have to believe i will get back into them.

Get the skirt and know that it will fit you in the not too distant future.
Looking at your losses already I wouldn't hesitate in saying "buy it"!

You are doing so well Alexice - you will be able to look at the skirt as a motivator and before you know it, you will be wearing it, beautifully co-ordinated with other lovely items in your wardrobe.
Go for it x
BUY IT!!!!!

I started out in May at *shudder* 22 bottoms...this morning have bought size 12 trousers for work in Tesco lovely brown ones NEVER did i think i'd be buying that size nearly 5 months down the line.. my 14's are now roomy!!!

You WILL lose the weight....although it seems a long way off..it really isnt!

Buy the skirt :D


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I just tried to buy it - but the shops site (river Island) won't accept my Spanish Visa card. A few shops don't but most do.
lol It's frustrating having decided to get it and now I will have to wait until I can sort it out tomorrow. I have mailed them. Most places who can't put a card through their system are happy to do it over the phone and if not then I shall phone mum and use hers!


Back 2 finish my journey
Yes you gotta buy it, 4 months ago i was a size 24 and the dress sizes have just flown by my 18's are now falling off me!


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No Kellymundy - can't find it on ebay. I shall have another look later though. lol I am determined to have it.
I shall sort the card stuff out with the place tomorrow. I am planning on picking it up from my mum's when I go over at the beginning of December then hanging it up on the wall in my bedroom here as inspiration for what I will look like next summer!


please try again
buy it!
i have a size 12 dress hanging on the outside of my wardrobe and im currently a 24!
Buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x x


Going for Goal!
YES DO IT PLEASE!!!!!!! I bought a size 16 top from next about 2 years ago (yep...) and vowed that one day I would get into it. After many diet failures, I found cd in April again and this weekend I wore my 2 year old (but barnd new - tags and all) size 16 top! And I felt amazing. Loads of people commented!!!!
do it do it you will get there and by buying the skirt you are saying I will make it to a size 16
I am a size 26 too hun ...... im thinking of buying a goal item of clothing aswell


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