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Tonsillitous (dont read if eating)


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
well ladies is that time of year again my left tonsil is currently green and black and looks like it may burst at anytime sorry to put anyone off there lunches :8855: am feeling grotty any suggestions for comfort food or comfort behaviour i am stuck in the office at the mo as the illness hasn't quite struck me down yet but reckon i'll be home in a couple of hours XX :cry:
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Soup, soup and more soup. You can just grab it when you're hungry, it's warm and soothing and fills you up, and takes very little swallowing.

If you want something sweet, make a SW blancmange, very quick and easy. 1 large tub vlf fromage frais and a sugar free jelly.

Hope you feel better soon. Tonsilitis is horrible
sounds awful, bless you! Well I remember having ice cream for tonisillitus as a kid and obviously that's out of the question so how about freezing a muller light for a couple of hours?? (I've got a vanilla and choc one in the freezer for later). Hope you feel better soon. Jay x


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Or mugshots.

ALSO for some pain relief - get some soluble aspirins, put 3 in a glass of water and wait for them to dissolve. Gargle 3 times with it then add some sugar free squash to the rest and drink it


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
nope !! i wish apparently in my primary care trust they wont take em out unless you have it 4 times in 3 month i did get it 3 times one year but it's classed as a seriuos surgery so they dont like to do it, poor me has to grin and bear it , it has gor better over the last few years though i get it less and not as severe, everyone at work says they look appalling but i just dont feel ill bit tired and thats it.


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
what is the job hon?? i really just thought they didnt do anything lol


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
well i dont think mine work anymore as they have big chunks missing out of them lol. i don't get how they work i thought they were just chunks of flesh i'm interested now gonna do research and see whether there woerth saving i'm private so i might demand to have them out lmao.
I had it for the first time before christmas, oh my god it was horrible, nothing sooths it, in the end i went to the on call hospital in the middle of the night and they gave me penicillin and neurofen, i hope that i never have it EVER again.

If you have it once are you more likley to get it again??


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
everyone i know who gets it has had it quite alot growing up thats when i think your more prone to it. but i'll keep my fingers crossed for you in any case i think it gets milder , i had it real bad when i was younger once or twice i had hallucination and everything.


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I haven't had it for years and years... I've still got my tonsils so I run for the hills whenever anyone I know has it, or even suspects they might! Hope you're feeling better soon!