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Totally mad question re CD and Tattoos!!



Cambridge Consultant
Just wanted to say good luck with having your tatoo done.. I cant't help you there but perhaps have a shake or bar before you have it done.. good luck!!! OUCH!!
I did! It didn't really bother me, but i ate straight after.

I say "ate".....

you know what I mean x
Cheers BG, Good t'see ya ;) Its at half 10 so was gonna have a shake before and a tetra to take with me.

Feel better now!
What you having done?

Im having the roman numerals 03/05/1950 on my wrist - III V MCML which is my dads date of birth, he died on the 10th of November last year very suddenly and I feel like I need to do this.
im going for a 2 hour sitting today and will eat a bar right before and take a big bottle of water to have while im there, i hope im going to be ok with that lol
Wow, what you having done??

Let me know how you feel x

Love the idea

Know you will be fine
Irene x
Thanks I, Appreciate it x


Going for Goal!
What a lovely idea hunnie!

I hope the tattoo isn't too painful. (rather you than me - i'm such a wimp!)

Big Hugs x x x
Less then a week to go, feel better now I know people who have had it done!


needs motivating
hi well i was absolutly fine, ate my bar b4 hand and had an endless supply of water and all was great, i have a koi fish in the middle of my back which took 6 hours last year, i am now in the process of expanding across my back, with another 12 hours in total, what im having done first is a tiger which is in 3 2 hour sessions, and then a dragon with another 6 hours lol

i know im mad but i love my tattoos x
Thanks for the PM Lisa, have you got any photos would love to see it.

Ive got one on on my back, and one on my bum, said the one on my back would be the last one............

what are we like!
Fab x

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