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Anyone fell off the wagon and got back on what triggered it

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Has anyone fell off the wagon on their journey and got back on Lipotrim what triggered this I will tell.you what happened to.me not to encourage you to cheat but to.encourage you to stick with it. I stuck a 100 percent no cheating and despite not having great losses pos due to age and I dont excercise. Unlike anything else Ive tried the weight was coming off. On my 3rd weigh in I was told Id maintained which was disappointing as id done tfr. However that was on tbe chemist scales mine showed a 4lb loss and I felt Id lost it could be I weighed in the morning and got weighed on theirs later in the day. Well did Tfr then suffered constipation so much so I took dulcolax and although it did the trick for some reason I was starving and not in my head it got the better of me and when my husband had a cooked meal. Meat potatoes veg I had a tea plate child size with about 4 tablespoons of potatoes veg and a peice of meat I also had a homemade burger later on which consisted of just the pure mince shaped into a burger nothing added grilled with cumin thats meant to stop you avsorbing the fat i also had a bun next day I did lipo 100.percent id weighed myself in the morning and weighed no heavier was 12st. Still so thought I had got away with this blip I did Lipo 100 percent. the day after this incident and discovering Id gained no weight However the next day I got on the scales and id gained 3lbs presumably water weight but still upsetting when ive got a way to go yet Also I checked the keto stick and Im out of Ketosis so Im continuing with Lipo but its just not worth cheating. Ive got a day time Hen party in March with my daughter in law to be and her Mum and friends afternoon tea then another meal in the evening I do not know how ill get aroundvthat one since the afternoon tea there isnt one ketogenic meal on tbe menu Tbis was all booked and paid for ages before the diet. i guess ill have to discuss this one with the chemist as I feel I have to attend rhis event or apart from losingvthe cash which id forfeit to stay on track I dont want my daughter in law to be to take it as a snub .A lot of people dont understand this diet or how it w.orks
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Hello Laura, I did Lipotrim in 2013 (back on it now after having a baby) but whilst I was doing it previously I fell off the wagon a few times but most of the time it didn't have any major effects. I think the trick is to always get back on plan 100% and when you feel hungry just drink more water or go to bed. It is an extremely difficult diet but I try to think of it as a complete break from food. In regards to your special event, as much as this probably is not good advice I would just think about refeeding the day before maybe 2 shakes and one meal like chicken and veg and then go and enjoy your day. Life isn't worth suffering needlessly!! Just get back on it 100%the next day


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Hey Laura,
I was on LT for 9 weeks back in 2012 and I have to admit after week 1 I cheated here and there every single week. It was a piece of pasta here and some chicken there. By the time my birthday rolled around I was completely off diet.

I'm back on the horse after 5 years as the weight has slowly crept back on. Id like to think I'm 5 years wiser too. Completed first week 100% and going into week 2.

Cheats happen, but be sensible and keep it to a minimum. Obviously the truer you are to yourself, the best results to will get.
As for the event, as Ashley says, stick to chicken and veg as these options in limited quantity *may* (read: might! Unsure!) keep you in ketosis, so will be easier to get back to it. Avoid carbs and starch.
Best of luck!


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The cravings food can bring are something of a drug withdrawal. It's a such a huge shame when you're in ketosis and you thought you were past them. First time I had to quit Lipotrim due to a month-long hospital stay. It took a few months to get back onto it. Then a little after that I received "good news" (okay, it was good) that I'm going to have the surgery I've been waiting a decade for. But I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone and celebrate both this news and my nan's birthday at a restaurant. Big mistake! It knocked me off Lipotrim for a few months again!

It just isn't worth it. Some people are able to recover from cheat meals, but after you've worked very hard for weeks (or months), who's to say that you will recover? I must say this to anybody on Lipotrim now: don't sabotage your progress. Make sure you take your shakes with you. (I can't stand these shakes room temperature, but there some thermos that store cold water or even ice cubes.)

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