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totm - question

hey for the ladies,

ive started lipotrim 6 days ago, tomorrow will be my 7th. now i know im going to be totm in a couple days..and i do experience really bad pains a week prior and during. im just wondering does this effect my weight loss before and after or either? im just a lil confused as to what i should expect. :eek: i just dont want to be dissapointed thats all.
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Hi wishful funny i had the same question last sunday as it was my first weigh in last monday and it was my totm and i lost 12 and half pounds:eek: so dont worry hun and good luck for tomorrow tina x
thnx hun. i was hoping someone with experience wud come n give their tupence, see how it works :p wish me luck for tom. i go weigh myself tom. man im so nervous. but i shudnt be. ryt? lol.


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Everyone is different, it might not affect you at all :)
Personally it has for me so far though. I reckon I must retain water!
totm can be different for everybody, I always go down a lb or 2, where a friend of mine always goes up. I wouldn't worry about it it'll all balance out
Hi Wishful, it was mine last week. and the weight loss wasnt great. It does effect everyone different but just remember its only one week and either way you will still lose.

I was a bit disappointed but looking forward to this fridays weigh in now :)

Good Luck :D
thnx hun, fingers crossed for tom morning. do u guys go for a weigh in when uve had no shake for breakfast? like on an empty stmach?
I have my first shake at 6:30 am before I leave for work, normally have another one around 1 o'c but on Friday I get weighted at 1 so I have it when I come back.

dont know if thats any help to ya.


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My weigh in happens at 4.30pm would prefer the morning but have to go after work.

The way I see it is that I treat it as a normal day. I drink my water and take my shakes. I'm so used to going without on other diets in the vain hope it would make a difference. What it actually does is have a negative effect on my thinking. I'm in this for the long run and I really really really really dont want to have to go through this again. Therefore I need to change my thinking.

Its hard because its out of my "comfort zone" but I try to treat my weigh day as just another day but when I happen to go up to the chemist and get my supplies and check in. I know that if I didnt drink or eat before I got weighed it wouldnt do me any good in fact it would slow my progress as my body isnt getting what it needs to burn the fat.

Yesterday I got weighed and had lost 5lbs. It was a huge boost and reassurance as I had been drinking all day.

Everyone is different and thats the beauty of LT. Even with such a simplistic diet so many people find ways to suit them. After a few weeks you too will find what suits you best xxxx

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