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Hiya everyone, I am thinking of getting a treadmill (seen one i like) but not entirely sure. I currently have an exercise bike which i dont think really helps with much weightloss so have stopped using it. I used to walk a lot but since moving to where i live i have stopped going out as i dont like where we live and so that why i piled on over a stone in a year. I was wondering for people that use treadmills at home does it make a difference to your weightloss and what type of treadmill they have, manual or moterized x
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Hiya Safia, I think the question is will you use it? I used to have a xtrainer in the house that I was desperate to get and convinced the hubby that I would but it just ended up being used as a coat hanger/dust collector. I found it was slightly noisy to listen to the TV (unless you get wireless headphones to hear the TV over - which are great). Also, it takes up a heck of a lot of space?!

That's just my experience, I hope it works well for you tho! x


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We have a gym downstairs, since my dad use to workout all the time so we have every kind of equipment. I personally never use the treadmill, even though it tells me my heart rate, calories burned, etc. It cost around $700 though. I use the bike the most, and all the weights as well.

If you like walking, go for it. But only buy it if you'll use it.
I have a rather large treadmill in my kitchen! I bought it 3 years ago but now it is just used as a storage unit hehe!

It is a good one, as good as any you get in the gym and I used to to help me lose weight after my youngest was born. I got up to running 10k quite easily with it. However I put all the weight back on and have lost it all again with out using the treadmill once. I am selling it in Jan as I want my kitchen back to normal. I have just decided that running is not something I enjoy, I used to force myself on there and just couldn't do it this time. :rolleyes:

It is definitely great for toning up. My arms, legs and even stomach were more toned when I was using it but to be honest i am happy now and have found that just being more generally active, walking going for odd swim has helped me this time.

Good luck whatever you decide, just thought would share my experience! :whacky068:. I really do believe you have to enjoy the exercise you are doing to sustain it x
Hi Safia

I used to have a treadmill when we lived in a bigger house. I think it is quite high impact on your knees, hips etc.

I now have a cross trainer and it is very easy on the joints. It burns loads of calories and does an upper and lower body workout. I think there are different types as the one I have does not make any noise so I watch telly when I use it. The only noise is me huffing and puffing!

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Hi Safia, I have a Treadmill, it's a big one, all singing and all dancing, but it does fold up and can be wheeled around. If you like walking and live somewhere like I do now, e.g freezing Winters and Boiling Summers it's great !! I also have plenty of room for it, and I usually just have music blaring and walk walk walk !! Restarting using it in the New Year.I'm not a Gym person,so it was really the only thing I used when I did go...... Mine is a bit noisy too, but I don't mind !!!! I set myself challanges like 20 miles to walk this week, I make a little poster/ chart thing and tick off the miles as I go...silly really but it motivates me, plus I usually end up doing those miles and a couple of walks outside too....

Diva x
What type of treadmills do you have because it doesnt mention if its a noisy one on the product spec and i would prefer a quiet one as i would like to watch tv and watch over my daughters xx
I would say mine is not too noisy, its motorised. I have my mp3 on blast though! The noisiest thing is my feet pounding on it. It does weigh a ton though and is not portable at all.

I would say if you are going to purchase one, read the reviews first. My friend bought one that was very flimsy and broke not long after purchase.
Hi Safia

Something you said earlier was you used an exercise bike and don't think it helped with your weight loss.

In my experience, exercise bikes lost a whole lot more weight and especially inches in those "problem" areas such as butt, thighs, gut etc.

I do a lot of walking now - am looking forward to the cycling and rowing machines at gym. Will probably ignore treadmill as walking sufficient already - though will give it a go of course.
I'm not going out a lot so need something for walking and the exercise bike hasnt really helped me lose weight or inches x I would have the treadmill downstairs in the living room so that i can watch tv. I also want to be able to run the london marathon one day (i wish) xx

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