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Trip to the Doc's

Well as you know I'm off to the Dr's this week for some routine check's, blood pressure and liver function and whatever else they want to do?
I am also going to ask about my excess skin and the slim (no pun intended) chance of having it removed on the NHS.
To be honest I don't really want to say I have lost all my weight in a relatively short period of time. So my question is do I tell the the truth or do I tell a little porky and say I started at another time, what do you think and what is a reasonable time to have lost my 122lb's????:sigh::rolleyes:;)
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most drs reccommend a weight loss of 1-2 lb a week, but it is known that men lose more quicky, so going on 2.5 - 3 lbs a week, it would have taken 40-48 weeks.

so about 9-10 months ago would sound about right. its none of docs business really, if they were that concerned for your health as you are then they would have helped you lose weight in the first place. did they ever offer you any support/help/meds?

so if they say anything, you can always hit them with that one ;)


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my friend lost 8 st in about 13 months but as msblone said men do lose weight quicker but she is right you done what you did to become healthy and that is exactly what you have done regardless of how long it took x
good point, I like that. BUT I am led to believe that it goes in front of a board for discussion and I need to get it right first time I DONT want to appear flippant or arrogant ( yeah yeah I can hear some of ya lol). I do know a plastic surgeon believe it or not and she is at my work today so I will have a word with her again I also know a accounts person for the local NHS so I need to ask her when is the best time to apply as some authorities need to get rid of money at the end of the financial year and some get very little at the beginning so I think timing could have something to do with the outcome??


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think about the last time your Dr. seen you and work out a date from there gaz,
i did hear somewhere that the weight loss is rapid on VLCD's but the excess skin needs to catch up (fingers crossed) so maybe in time some of the skin will have shrunk back if you carry on with the excercises and then consider surgery


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Icemoose had a TTon the NHS after doing Cambridge Diet and he would be able to fill you in.

He is about but does not post as he is very busy in training for his trek up mount kilimanjaro in January in aid of palliative care.


The above link is his new blog about it.

If you drop him a Private Message he will get back to you...

Love Mini xxx


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I think scousemouse is right, the skin will need a few months to catch up, get a firming cream and exercise those areas before going under the knief. Surgery is so drastic!!! You'll have a scar!



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I'd say go for it Gaz! You have come so far and you just want to make the transformation complete! I had my son at 19yrs of age and he is now 18yrs. All those years I kept saying I would LOVE a tummy tuck to remove the excess skin. I couldn't afford it at first and then got to my ripe old age of 38yrs and think "sure my bikini days are over anyway - so what;s the point" If I could reverse the clock I would take out a loan for it at 19yrs and looked fab all those years. I was soooo self aware about it.

I would also lie to doctor. I would average it out at 3.5lbs a week and use that date. I lost four stone in 5.5 months years ago just doing a VLCD and huge amounts of exercise. Men do lose faster. Also when you have a lot to lose you would usually have a few very big loses at the start.

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Hmmm, the only reservation I'd have about a tummy tuck (and believe me, I'm pro-surgery after having some done myself) is that my mother had one done and the scar she was left with was horrific. Don't get me wrong, people can live with scars, personally I have many, but it just looked really bad for a really long time. Never mind the fact that the new bellybutton they cut her looked odd.

HOWEVER, that was one person's experience, doesn't mean that everyone will go through the same thing.

I'm undecided on this one but I will say I hope that you get whatever it is that you want Garry xx

rainbow brite

S: 15st1lb C: 12st6.6lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 30 Loss: 2st8.4lb(17.25%)
Oh, and I'd lie to the doctor too lol.
I had extensive plastic surgery about 5 years ago (there's a strong history of breast cancer in my family so I had a preventative mastectomy - part of which involved a tummy tuck). I was in hospital on a plastic surgery ward for 5 weeks and got talking to lots of people who were having surgery on the NHS. I understand that more than anything you need to emphasise the psychological effects the excess skin is having on your life/ outlook/ confidence - that will be what they make their decision on. Also, I understand that different NHS trusts have different policies (I was in Wythenshaw hospital Manchester).

Oh and with regard to scarring - my tummy tuck scar was bigger than average because of the nature of my surgery - it's hardly visible now! I would say go for it... and I don't think you necessarily need to lie to the doc about how you lost the weight - lipotrim is a GP programme! People who've had gastric bypasses get plastic surgery - this shouldn't be any different should it? Your doctor should be very impressed with your commitment.

Good luck!


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Hiya Gary. My friend from work lost 10st with LT. She told the surgeon that she had done LT and was advised to wait for 6 months before the surgery to show she could maintain that weight.....(we live in Ireland though so im not sure what the docs on the NHS might say to you about it....).

She maintained the weight & has the sugery booked for September.
Is it really expensive to have it done privately, if you can't wait and don't want to have to tell a few porkies it might be worth looking into - lets face it you did say to one of the guys you had save £4000 doing LT, you could treat yourself and as it is private you give them the instructions on when, where etc etc - waddah you think ???
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Good luck at the docs Gaz.


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