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Trying again - need help!!


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Hi guys

I am new to this forum and am finding it really useful. I'm returning to slimming world for the second time. My little boy is almost 2 yrs old and I have lost most of my baby weight. I have the last stone to lose and am finding it really hard. I've fallen off the slimming world wagon and just can't seam to stick to it.:break_diet:

It's really frustrating as I know it works for me and its easy to do, so why can't I do it?:confused:

I do really well in the day but go into self distruct in the evenings just stuffing my face for the sake of it and its getting me down. :sigh: I'm a bridesmaid for my friend at the end of July and would really like to shift the last stone before then.

Any advice you can give me on avoiding the evening danger time would be very mush appreciated, I can't really afford to go to classes.

Thanks xx
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Hey Browsie! Good on you for returning! I'm also back for my second time. :)

As for evenings...I usually leave little chores until the evening. Ones like sewing bones back into bras when they've poked through, or a missing button etc. All ones that I can do whilst sat watching tv. Most of the time I don't even finish the first one I pick up as I get distracted by the tv but it's handy to have things like that there to hold in my hands instead of food. :D


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Welcome back, you can do this! What an incentive too being a bridesmaid! What do you find yourself craving of an evening? Maybe like Allie1904 says, if we know what you like, we could recommend some sw friendly alternatives, xx

I'm a new starter too - finding it hard at the moment!

I find if i have a good day, i too will go into self destruct mode, or think ooo ive gone over my syns by about 20 , whats another 100 on top of that!!

My consultant said i would get bad days, but this has been going on since i started!!

I have 2 stone to loose!! would like to loose the first stone before my 25th birthday - i could do it wayyy before then if i stuck...but i dont see myself sticking and i dont know why i cant!

Just wanted you to know you are not alone xx


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Thanks for the support everyone:), it's good to know I'm not the only one that feels like this.
It's usually just something to nibble on like crisps, I'll have a muller or some fruit so I'm not hungry but it just doesn't satisfy me and I'll just end up looking through cupboards nibbling bits and bobs, nothing really too bad but then it all adds up into lots of syns.
Over the past couple of weeks I've started again in the morning and then gone to pot in the evenings. I am determined not to do that today, keep your fingers crossed for me.


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Oh by the way, I mix up the days - we plan our evening meals for the weeks shopping and I'll work my day round that. It was Spag bol tonight made from scratch. x
Welcome and your not feeling any diff to how we've all felt at one time or the other hun so your among friends :)
Take one day at a time and congratulate yourself for each 100% day and those days that are tougher, try to work out what triggered it and address that rather than focus on how badly you may have eaten.
Wishing you loads of luck and look forward to seeing you continued progress


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Thanks loopeylou, it's taken me a while to post on here and now I know I should have done it sooner. It's great to know there are people out there take have been through the same and are still getting on with it and losing.

Fray I've taken your advice, I bought some wooden letters that make up my sons name ages ago to go on his wall and I've finially got round to painting them tonight so they can be put up. It feels nice to have acheived something and not cheated, thanks guys you've really helped me. xx


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Glad to be of help! This afternoon, I went and sanded our garden table to stop me snacking before dinner! I'd been out there two hours before I realised it was tea time! Every little helps!

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