Trying to start again (again)


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Four and a half years ago i lost 6 stone and felt fantastic. After breaking up with my boyfriend and a permanent fall out with my best friend I lost all will power to continue and I ended up putting it all back on. Not only do I hate how I look I now also feel even worse because I let myself get back to this situation. In my head I feel that if these 2 people that were meant to be the most important in my life didn't want me when I looked good what is the point.

I do realise that no one can sort out my weight problem but me. I have tried to lost weight since and have just yo-yoed a few pounds here and there.

I am now so down about it I am going to see my doctor tomorrow. I have been to see her several times before but it's like she can't do anything for me.

Does anyone have any suggestions about what I should be asking for from her. I don't know if I she be trying for diet pills to kick start me or to see a dietician.

I know everyone is in the same position otherwise losing weight would be easy. But I can't maintain a diet for any length of time. I can lose 5lbs in one week and then still don't have the motivation to continue to the next week.

Sorry for the rambling but I'm hoping I can get some advice/support as I'm feeling so low it is beginning to affect other areas of my life:(
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Hiya :) Probably a silly question, but have you told your doc how low you are feeling? Maybe that could be a starter when you go. You could also have a look at the differant options available to you on here. Not sure what you are thinking of going for but there is info on surgery and the differant slimming meds available through your GP. I always feel a bit more confident if I'm after something of the GP if I have plenty of imformation. Your GP should be able to help you and if you dont mind me saying, think he/she should get their fingers out and help you more. Hope that is of some help. I'm Janey btw, pleased to meet you Daisylou xxxxxxx
PS A referral to a dietitain would be really helpful too, they really know there stuff


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Hi, thanks for your reply. Yeah, I have told my doctor how low I feel. I was anti-depressents for a while. It's funny that she was quick enough to try to prescribe them to me but couldn't refer me to a counsellor. Everything is so tied up with my low self esteem and my weight is the biggest cause of that. I remember how much more I liked myself and felt that people actually thought I was worth something. And that is all on top of knowing how unhealthy it is to be so overweight.

I have thought about surgery before but don't think it is for me.

I see a counsellor privately and the funny thing is I was meant to be seeing her for the last time next week and over the past month I just can't get over my weight and can't believe how I let other parts of my life affect what I eat and then the obvious feelings that come with that.

This is maybe a really silly question but I can't find out how to change my profile to add details to it - can you help?


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You need to have 20 posts initially to post a pic and then 50 to do the other stuff on your profile, there is a wee guided tour of minis on the introduction bit. Its got loads of hint and tips. Theres also a wee bit up on the blue bar at the top called tutorials. I found that really helpful when I first joined.
Its a sad fact that a lot of GPs just get anti depressants into you, then forget about all the other treatments for dperession. I've had depression in the past and I had to get really ill before I got the therapy I needed. How are you finding the counselling? I found Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, really helpful and a few people on here have read a book called The Beck Solution it uses a CBT approach to dieting and its apparently very good. xxxx


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Hi there and welcome to Minimins. How did you go about losing the 6st last time? I lost 4st on Lighterlife 2.5 years ago and have been struggling ever since to get back onto a vlcd (very low calorie diet). I am having a consultation for surgery on Tues. I am going to have a gastric bypass, I'm at least 10st over-weight and believe it's my only option now.

Good luck with everything and let us know how you get on. :)


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daisylou, I feel for you, I really do. I have managed to keep my weight off, but I can really imagine how you must feel having been so successful last time. I can't think of anything to help except maybe remembering how good thin felt to motivate you. I have a pair of my old 58" waist trousers that I get out occasionally, putting them on is always a thrill and a great motivator.